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    OK Guys, I stumbled across this product and couldn't help but love the simplicity and and usefullness of this product. I immediately called the manufacturer and became a dealer for them. To kick things off we are going to be bringing you another great group buy.

    Here is some info on the product

    This incredible new product is sure to change your breathing experience. RZ MASKS are made from soft neoprene that fit snugly under helmets and goggles. RZ Masks have a N99 Active Carbon filter, which effectively filters out 99.9% of dust, particulates, pollen and odors in the air. The filters themselves are easily replaceable and can be changed depending on usage. It was designed with a MP3 player holder for added enjoyment.

    Honestly I could think of A lot of uses for these. Allergies, Painting, welding, sawdust, riding in dusty areas, truckstop bathrooms LOL. avoiding the airborne zombie virus. Etc,

    Here is the group buy deal.

    RZ mask $29.95
    Free Filters $6.95 value
    Free Shipping $6.00 Value

    $42.90 Value for only $29.95
    Here is what you will get
    RZ Mask
    2 Filters Plus 3 free filters (for 3D camo specify how many regular and how many scentless filters you want out of the 5 total)
    Storage Bag

    To get in on the group buy send your order payment via Paypal to We will also accept MO for those who do not have a paypal.

    In your order specify size and color. the group buy will close around Oct, 7th and then we will place the order. These ship within 2-3 days usually. This will be a quick turnaround Group Buy.
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