Plans for unified North America

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    [​IMG] Plans for unified North America
    (From a thread on GIM)

    Here is a link to a CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) report from 2005 and their plans for combining Canada, U.S. and Mexico into one economic block.

    The PDF is long, but an interesting read. I wonder how they will bypass the Constitution to get their measures implemented?

    Here are a couple of interesting quotes:

    As liberal democracies, the governments also share common principles:
    protecting individual rights,upholding the rule of law, and ensuring
    equality of opportunity for their citizens. North America, in short, is
    more than an expression of geography. It is a partnership of sovereign
    states with overlapping economic and security interests, where major
    developments in one country can and do have a powerful impact on
    the other two.

    Leaders in our three countries have acknowledged these challenges
    and discussed a wide range of responses during the 2005 Texas summit.
    Those involving changes in formal trade agreements will of necessity
    take time to negotiate and ratify. However, in other areas, notably
    regulatory cooperation and the expansion of transborder activities in

    critical sectors such as transportation and financial services, there is a
    shared recognition that the three countries can and should act quickly

    inways thatwould make a real difference in improving the competitiveness
    of firms and individuals in North America.

    Notice who they think the true owners are, and what other countries do they own? Hmmm?

    Here is the link. Easy and shocking reading, takes about 1 hour to read.

    The Great Ag
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    I can see the BS already....

    "Where do you live?"

    "I'm from the nation of Amerinadaexico." (Or some other friggin crap)
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    Brave New World. All is lovey dovey, all are forgiven for past and future transgressions, the weak and meek shall harvest in the land of plenty, and no further need for sheepdogs. My heartfelt apologies for not seeing the advantages of blending disparate cultures. There is certainly good reason for cooperation, but there is no need in my mind for leveling the standard of living between the haves and have nots. Helping is one thing, forcing a size 10 foot into a size 8 shoe is bloody nonsense.

    Feeling VERY cynical today, and not the least charitable. Sorry (but not very) for the wandering thoughts.
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    United States of Canexico, it's aboot time. The flag should have marijuana leaves in a crest above a vulture and the national anthem could be played by a mariachi band.
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    Welcome to the United States of Canexico.

    National Flower: 'Purple Haze' Homegrown Marijuana
    National Anthem: La Cookaracha
    National Product: Dopes
    National Song: It Was Over Before It Began
    National Spokesperson: Condisleazy Blight
    National Food: Maple Covered Burritos
    National Game: Anyone That Stands For Anything Different Than Us

    National Opinion: As long as we have twinkies we'll be doing good ay?

    International Opinion: As long as we feed them twinkies we'll get them to do whatever we want.

    National Stance On Anything: Make Money
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