the math. Bonus - Men-Only Garden Clubs?

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    Scientists have discovered that plants can carry out difficult arithmetic calculations to prevent them from starving.

    To survive in the absence of sunlight, plants perform division equations during the night in order to ration stores of starch until the dawn, when the sun rises.
    By counting their starch and dividing it by the number of hours left until morning, the plants can make sure they have enough nutrition to last the night.
    Even stranger, women gardeners' voices speed up growth of tomato plants much more than men's, according to a Royal Horticultural Study.
    In an experiment run over a month, the RHS research found that tomato plants grew up to two inches taller if they were read to by a female rather than a male. In fact, some plants actually grew less when read to by a man, than if they were left completely alone.
    HEY! Sexist!
    Men's gardening clubs alive and reasonably well in the 21st century | MNN - Mother Nature Network
    That'll learn'em.
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    So, are they suggesting that gardening is women's work?

    (Rather suspect my wife would beg to differ. Yes dear, I posted that comment.)
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    Just don't talk to your plants....
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    I don't know about plants and math, sounds like BS to me.

    I talk to my plants all the time. It is always a one-sided conversation but they seem really happy.:D
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    Wait until one of the plants calls you Seymore....
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    Did you ever consider, that muscles only grow larger when abused, and your plants may be trying to fight back?;) Us men just let them live their own lives, and women are battering them with words, and they are fighting for their lives? :rolleyes: Besides, who would believe they always got the right answer? how far wrong can they be and survive? There has to be a learning curve (even in a vegetative state.) So how could you tell the stupid ones from the ones talked to by men? Are the plants talked to by women, trying to plan an escape? is that why they are bigger, stronger, more alert? Are they feeling under threat? ;) Just what are they planning?o_O
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    Talking to one's plants can be very therapeutic; and the plants don't need to be accredited as psychologists or psychiatrists! ;)

    It reminds me of the Goon Show gag sung by Spike Milligan as Eccles....
    The Goon Show - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    My moms tomatoes are doing better than mine...grrr
    I think I'm just gonna make a recording of this and play it to them in a loop for a few days...
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