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    This is another interesting usage. I couldn't read the text (Portuguese I think), but the graphics are very clear. It looks like 20 oz bottles. I'm thinking of trying this with 2 liters. The original design doesn't leave much room for roots, it would have to be used for herbs and greens, but 2 liter bottles (or 3 liters!) would have more room in them.

    Rosenbaum » ROSENBAUM RESPONDE: LDL #48 – Horta vertical
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    :) Translation (mostly): :)

    I received many emails and comments on all our networks (Blog, Twitter and Facebook) asking about how to make the PET bottle vertical garden, the house Family Rodrigues in Home Sweet Home # 48 in Itaim Paulista, SP.
    Before giving tips on how to build your own, I thank all posts on this reform to Home Sweet Home. I hope to give back all the love of you with another ROSENBAUM ANSWERS.
    / / ROSENBAUM SAYS: LDL # 48 - Horta vertical
    The PET bottle is an invention that worked in economic terms, but has brought a headache when we think of the enormous degradation of the environment caused by it.
    Seek alternatives for reuse has been an effort of society in many parts of Brazil, as we have noticed in my travels around the country.
    The plastic bottles can be reused for cultivating small, spices and herbs, and trapped in walls or walls supported on media of different materials. The idea is to use small spaces and low-cost materials to build gardens in homes, apartments or even in the workplace. It is a popular form of appropriating existing techniques sustainable, viable and economical.
    / / MATERIAL
    - 2 liter PET bottle empty and clean;
    - Scissors
    - Clothesline rope, cordage, twine or wire
    - For those who choose to chordae or wires will require two washers for PET bottle
    - Earth
    - Change of plan
    / / HOW TO DO
    Cut the PET bottle, as pictured below.
    To secure the bottles must make two holes at the bottom of the cylinder and two at the top of the bottle. Can you understand well the photo looking straight up. Besides the holes to pass the rope, you need a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. The water used to irrigate the changes need to drain.
    After that, pass the rope through a hole and pull the other.
    Many people have asked us how to make the bottles do not "slip" by string (or twine, cordage or). Thank you for your cooperation and participation. Thinking about this, we developed two designs, with two suggestions.
    - For those who use clothesline or string:
    - For those who use cordage or wire:
    Then just stretch and attach the rope to the wall.
    This way of doing can be improved, ok? It's just a resumão! Feel free to make any changes.
    Thanks, hugs and good weekend everyone!
    Marcelo Rosenbaum.
    LDL48241. LDL48302. rosembaum-01-490x358. rosembaum-021-490x358. LDL4821.
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    Interesting idea. Thanks for the translation!
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    Thanks SO much! I've wondered what he wrote!
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    This is such a great idea. I am going to try this. I have a space on the shed that gets nice sunlight.
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    Happiness is... I showed the husband this and he likes it. He didn't like the pallet gardening but he likes this idea. Plus it won't take as much watering. Now I just have to get some soda bottles.
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    If you put your drain holes straight down and centered, you will spend even less water, as the top ones will drain into the lower ones.
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    @kellory you are always thinking ahead. Good idea. It can drip down. Like that!
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    In fact, water should also flow down the ropes/wires/ cords by capillary action and surface tension as well. ;)
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