"please fire me"

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    Interesting site where folks anonymously post little quips about the insanity that comes with "work" these days.
    Please Fire Me: Submit If You Can't Quit

    i.e. Please fire me. Our boss decided this year’s big “PR Improvement” project would be to make the floor 100% pet friendly. We sell furniture, and I’m now in charge of cleaning litter boxes...

    Please fire me. The headset I use at my crappy tech support job got damaged (though still working) through no fault of my own when my motorcycle slid down a wet hill with me under it. When I asked for a replacement, they informed me that due to the damage it would cost *me* $60 to replace. To make matters worse, I make $8 an hour, which is barely enough for me to make rent, forget about three meals a day, and my idiot team leader actually had the nerve to say to my face a few days ago “So, did you save up enough to replace that headset yet?”
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    Just posted one from a job I had 10 years ago. I used the name John just in case anyone remembers the incident.
    BTW a real good way to get back at a boss is to sign him up for male porn. Just one site will do, they share information. Don't forget to supply his home address as well as his work address.
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