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    At the very beginning of Survival Monkey, the administrators and moderators made the decision that we did not want to be heavy handed arbiters and chose to offer guidelines, occasional reminders to members who stepped over that line of prudence and take strong measures against those who repeatedly violated our very simple and generous code of conduct. We ask all new members to read that code of conduct but I fear that not everyone does so maybe by posting this as a thread in the General Discussion forum, all members, new and old, will be reminded of what we consider "good citizenship"

    Please take a moment to read this

    First, let me welcome you to our community. The staff would like you to know that whether your interest is in survival, guns, knives, or to just learn a bit about any portion of the above and maybe even do a bit of networking well that’s just fine with us. We hope you enjoy yourselves here.

    We have a Code of Conduct (COC) and ask that you please follow these standards. They are as follows:

    1. No personal attacks or insults
    . No posts whose intent is to inflame or otherwise provoke anger from another member (Flaming). We don’t mind if you disagree with another member of the board, we just ask that you keep it civil. We understand that in the heat of the moment we all get a little hot. Just try to remember that there is a good possibility somebody’s kid is going to be watching over their parent’s shoulder. We’re adults here so let’s try and act like it.

    2. No posting of racial, sexual, political or religious slurs.
    Civil debate on these issues is accepted. Malicious comments on or about them is not. This includes using slurs in your username, title, avatar, and signature line. We are visited by people from different countries, race, religion, males, and females; The staff members reserve the right to edit the above items and remove a members ability to edit them should they refuse to do so when asked.

    3. Posting pictures* or links to images which contain pornography, nudity (this includes any photo which contains a clear view of genitalia or female nipples), animal cruelty (this does not include hunting pictures), racism, sexism, or extreme violence. Such images will be removed and will result in a warning. A member’s ability to post may be stopped if they refuse to comply

    *If the post has images of extreme violence or photos of women and men that are scantily clad please post a warning in the title. These images will not be tolerated when randomly inserted into other discussions. Our site is not about the posting of scantily clad bodies... If a picture comes up now and then that has this content, that's fine. Remember to post a Warning for those at work/home about it. The Inferno has the same rules. They are a bit more relaxed but still apply.

    4. Posting or linking of illegal activities
    (i.e. purchases, modifications, stealing, copyright infringement, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Information or material that depicts or discusses illegal activities such as these or others with the intent to condone and/or commit them, including drug use, violence, and use of unauthorized copyrighted material and/or links to same are considered a violation of the site rules. These posts will be deleted immediately and the member will be warned.

    5. No posting of other people’s personal information
    (name, home phone numbers, addresses, unpublished e-mail addresses, etc.).

    6. Any post or link which threatens any group or individual
    or that advocates the overthrow of legitimate governmental bodies is strictly prohibited. The post will be deleted and the member warned.

    7. Posting discussions or topics with the intent to do the site harm will result in immediate suspension of the members account. Specifically creating topics meant to disrupt the day-to-day management, disrupt the ability of the site to function normally, and disrupt the member’s resources is prohibited.

    8. Posting the same topic over and over again or "spamming" is prohibited. Multiple topics with just slight differences in titles are not funny. There are times when several different members will post different threads on the same topic –– that is acceptable. It is not acceptable for the same member to do it over and over again. Those topics will be locked and the member will be warned. Spam advertisement postings will be immediately deleted and posting member will be banned. We don't do Spam. There are no three strikes rules for spammers as outlined below. If you think your post crosses the line, please contact an administrator or moderator for clarification before you post. We will review and get back to you as quickly as possible

    9. The moderators and the administrators here have rules to follow as well
    . None of us are gods. If you have a problem with one of us speak up. We will evaluate it fairly.

    10. Moderators will not delete threads unless they contain one of the above unacceptable COC violations. We will however lock them and send a private message to the person explaining why and politely asking them to not do it again. If the post contains a link or picture that violates the COC, the photo or link will be removed and the member warned.

    Please try to post your threads in the appropriate categories.

    We have a few areas that are not viewable by guests and search engines for certain topics. This is to try and stay uncensored by Work and Library Internet access.

    Do not be offended if Staff moves your thread into a better area for your topic.

    Do not be offended if Staff prunes your posts off of a thread and into a new one.

    Please do not 'Hijack' a thread into a totally different direction than was intended by the original thread author. If you start to stray beyond a reasonable margin, consider starting a new thread.

    We have established a 3 strike policy for COC violations:
    #1 The first violation of the Code of Conduct rules will result in a warning from staff. This may be a PM or a response to a post. The post or thread containing the offense may, at the moderator’s discretion, be moved, edited, or deleted. A PM describing the action taken and reason why will be sent to the member.

    #2 A second violation of the COC rules will result in an automatic 3-day ban. The member will be notified of why this action was taken and when their temporary ban will be lifted.

    #3 A third violation of the COC rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban. The offender will be denied any further access to this site.

    Any posts/threads or other activities that are borderline, but not in clear violation of the COC rules, will be evaluated by staff on a case-by-case basis.

    Any actions deemed necessary will be determined and agreed upon by staff. This may include a warning to the member (not considered a first violation).

    However, any repeat of the same offense, after being warned, will constitute a first violation.

    Any one "skating the line" will be issued a first violation after three warnings for borderline offences.

    In the event of a particularly egregious offense, a more severe response may be warranted. Staff will determine the proper response.

    Appeals process:

    Any actions of staff may be appealed by membership by sending a PM to any staff member and asking for a review of the action. This does not apply to temporary or permanent bans. These actions will be known and reviewed automatically by staff.melbo
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    Good reminder to all, thank you @RightHand !!
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  3. Bear

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    Read, Agreed and Supported.

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  4. Tracy

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  5. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    hmmm me thinks me needs to temper my tongue with regard to the Usurper in chief of amerika. Obozo, leader of the dumb masses. that is probably as close to the line as one should ever go. I just wish that he would go ..... back to the continent he was born on out of wedlock. his so called father was married and not divorced at that time. all strange but true, and he has done nothing to prove otherwise except lie and conceal his early life.
  6. Gopherman

    Gopherman Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back to Sleep

    Tac your a trip!!![lolol]
    I took the minute and there is nothing unreasonable that I see, or could possibly be misconstrued as Unfair.Overall good guidelines!
  7. kellory

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    "4. Posting or linking of illegal activities (i.e. purchases, modifications, stealing, copyright infringement, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Information or material that depicts or discusses illegal activities such as these or others with the intent to condone and/or commit them, including drug use, violence, and use of unauthorized copyrighted material and/or links to same are considered a violation of the site rules. These posts will be deleted immediately and the member will be warned"

    And if this rule were actually enforced, advocating the breaking of copywriters and patents, would also be a breach, and the repeated harranging for the breaking of patents and copywriters (theft) would cease. It is the law of the land.
    This would also include the advocation of taking of property, not your own :IE grocery carts, for personal use. We are not talking about post SHTF, but currently under the rule of law.
    Personally, I'm sick of both subjects.
    And as I read this rule, both are forbidden.

    Am I being a hard @$$ about it? Perhaps, but then, i'm sick of being harassed about it.[contract] ( it takes the fun out of being here.)​
  8. RightHand

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    Good citizenship requires that you press the "Report button" when you encounter illegal activity. We are all guilty of at least occasionally posting information without the proper links or citations, you included.

    Every thread has the "Report" feature as a standard.
  9. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    I agree with Kellory.

    I have accepted that eventually I am going to slap one of the folks who regularly break that particular part and get myself thrown off the site. I won't like it, but I will also not just sit back and watch them ruin the site. To be honest, I am not always too awfully comfortable being a member here these days just because of that faction.
  10. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    ....and for the shoutbox? (Where the usual ambush occurs?)
  11. DarkLight

    DarkLight Live Long and Prosper - On Hiatus

    Not because I changed my mind but because I don't want to derail the initial intent of the thread further.
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  12. HK_User

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    For myself, I am tired of some self appointed officials that tell me I don't know the abbreviation of their country or about their currency abbreviation.

    Wake up folks, times change and so do the standards in INTERNATIONAL abbreviations.

    Do I fire back and start a leg xxxss war? No I figure most can tell when someone is not up to speed on the changes in the world and are just spoiling for a fight.

  13. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    I don't think anyone can defend use of anyone else's work without citation or link.

    this community spends a great deal of time with cries of "freedom" and "liberty" but those words carry an enormous responsibility of the community members to self-regulate. We all abhor an overzealous government and our militaristic police force but without citizens who are willing to be responsible for their own actions, you are in fact putting the admins and the mods in the position of being a police force. I can tell you that it is not a role any of us wish to play any more than you wish us to exhibit.

    DarkLight, it would be very helpful if you would offer the members some guidelines since most of you probably didn't take the time to read the DCMA Compliance Policy and many of us have forgotten or disregard the rules about plagiarism that we were taught during our school years.

    I would challenge every member to try to be part of the solution rather than just standing on a soapbox and pointing fingers at the witches in our midst.
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  14. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Pax, this site is so tolerant I see no way you could get thrown off for speaking your mind about someone (including any of the regulars) for breaking the code of conduct. ..... unless you blatantly violate the CoC in doing so. Much better to just hit the report link and state your case for the mods. I find a PM to the offending member can be another way to go instead of trying to see how high on the tree each of you can pee in public. Occasionally respect and a friendship can also be found by the PM route instead. jmho
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  15. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017 is mostly the "theft is OK" and "kill the cops" crowds that really get to me...complaining does no good and I really don't WANT to make friends with them. And yes, I get somewhat nasty, and I doubt that will change at this point in my life. As I mentioned, I am not that thrilled even being associated with them anyway.
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  16. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    @RightHand , not to put you on the spot, but I have to ask you this.....
    IF, as we believe, .gov watches sites, by signing up as a member, to see what they will see, then what would YOU believe was the position of the Site, in compliance with this rule?(were you that watcher)
    IF, illegal activity is proposed, and none raise voice against it, is it not assumed ad the norm? And only lip service to the rule of law? First thing that comes to mind to me is "hmmm, they must have all lost their guns when the boats sank" nudge ,nudge, wink wink.[winkthumb]
    Being quiet, or ignoring it, may be seen as acceptance. To my mind, Only action or opposition shows compliance to the rule. I believe I AM being part if the solution. Not the problem, by speaking out against it.
    If you feel need to censure me, then do it. But I will not stand idle and condone law breaking.
    What's the quote? "All evil needs, is for good men to do nothing."

    (Sorry for the thread drift, and NO, I'm not trolling.):(
  17. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    We all have our opinions, principals, and "ways" about us... We are each unique with lot's of life experiences to share... a broad background of training... lessons learned (sometimes the hard way).... life, love and losses that form our way we deal with what may come and how we communicate with others. Collectively, we all bring a lot to the table to teach, share and learn with & from each other here. As a group, we are strong and well prepared for what life has to throw at us, with a great resource in this Forum and an immense knowledge base from past and present Monkey's. And the future Monkeys to come, have even more to add to this knowledge base.... give them a chance to adapt to our format, members, learn the forum, and how we communicate with each other.

    As a group, we can help others.... and that is what we should focus on...
    Not the recent spat of pettiness, poking at silly things, misspellings or just showing your ass, because you think you are better than the other that is in your sights, for whatever reason you think you can justify to yourself and others here.

    Together we all need to be a little more understanding and dare I say, patient in our dealings with folks. We need to attempt to understand where the other person is coming from, without just shooting back one-liners or beating down that person becouse you either disagree with them or are irritated with their way's. None of us are perfect, no man or woman is nor ever will be... stop trying so hard to be the one that has to be right all the time, or attempt to outshine the other with a better story or example and so on. Showboating, one-upmanship, arrogance...what have you, has no place in brings nothing positive to the group.... and only poisons the well IMO.

    The recent bickering, sniping, bird dogging and such that has been going on just needs to stop.......

    Recently I stepped away for about a week... and came back to several newbies getting roughed up and pushed around, with what seemed to be due to unfamiliarity with the forum, minor slip ups or general misunderstandings. Sometimes, folks just need to back up, re-read what was said and maybe chew on a response more fitting than a simple jab at somebodies post. That does not show well to others that are new... and will thin the heard quickly if things are not brought back into balance.

    In short, we need to be better.... and each of us is responsible for that!!
  18. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Kellory, you have shown an excellent example of what is going on..... maybe it is not trolling.... I am not that judge.
    IMO this question you have posed, is in fact just an attempt for justification to continue an "attitude" that has been prevalent lately, especially in the chat box by some members. If someone quips about a patent or a shopping cart.... all of the sudden we have a screaming match about the legality of the posters intention.... though 99% of the time, the post is in jest, knowing that someone such as yourself, will go off the rail trying to make a big issue of the subject. It is very tiresome to watch this go on....
    Everyone understands the CoC in regards to condoning or actively performing illegal acts....and if they willingly violate the CoC, there are remedies to that. Good grief man, stop using the CoC as a weapon to back up your bad attitude towards certain members..... please. That is a personal opinion of mine...... if you care to discuss in more detail.... You know how to PM me and we can have a sidebar.....
  19. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    Righthand. I hear you.
    1) Follow the rules
    2) Make no assumptions
    3)Have some compassion
    4)Assume the best of someone's post not.the worst

    Thank you for all your hard work
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  20. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Thanks Ganado. What a great way to summarize the intent of the forum. For all the mods and admins, SM is a labor of love and as we all know, the love lane comes with occasional bumps and heaves but we keep on truckin because we fundamentally enjoy the scenery, have fun on the journey and enjoy the companionship
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