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    You should be aware from my posts about voting, that I will be there on 2 November 2010. But, all should know, I am no fan of the present two party system. Incumbents must go! Republican as well as democrats. I consider all incumbents terminally corrupted by the two party system. I am voting independent.
    nice video
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    Rodger THAT!!! [freedom]

    No more voting "For the lesser of two evils".....

    I'm voting for The BEST person for the job!
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    Anything bad coming from our government, like it or lump it, is from a democrat or a republican, a liberal and a conservative, as well as anything good.

    So IMO this video fails to talk about the other half of those in Washington that passed health care overhaul, TARP and emipre spending, and laws that are threats to our personal liberties.

    Lest everyone forget who gave us the patriot act and the first bailout in October 2008. The congress makes the laws and either supports or denys the policies the president wants implemented.

    All incumbents should go. IMO they are lucky, all we can do is vote them out, if "we the people" even have the balls to do that, because we surely don't have the balls to do it the old fashioned way.
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    November will result in the election of more sheep in wolves clothing a la Bush.
    The answer is to pull out of the system on an individual basis. Grow your own food, live off of your own land, trade with like minded and only with hard assets, thereby denying them their pound of flesh. Cut off their blood supply and they'll perish.

    Your average run of the mill "patriot" is sold out to the system and in so much debt that it's basically impossible for him or her to live with even one foot outside of the system.
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    I haven't quoted anyone in making this post, because I am not looking for an argument. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.
    Not participating in the voting process accomplishes nothing.
    I hate calling attention to Kailfornia, but some good people out there worked hard to get Proposition 14 passed. It defangs the standard two party system a bit. In primarys with multiple candidates, and multiple parties, .... voters have all possibilities open to cast their vote for. The top two advance for the main election. It is possible to have no republicans or democrats make it to the main election. It could be two independents. In a open vote situation like this every vote is very important. Obviously without support of disillusioned possible voters it is also possible now for no independent candidate to get past the primary process. It is a new process with possible good and bad end results. Worst case scenerio would be for all the possible legal disillusioned voters to stay home, while all the motor voter registered illegals vote and next time around for governor, it's Pancho and Juan in the main election.... hmmmmm stranger things have happened. .... we got Bobo.
    Yes, sit out 2010 and 2012...... what possible difference could it make?
    Did you sit out 2008 also? If so thanks %&*^%#$&*(*
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    Not saying "don't vote." I just don't think we'll get better results than we had in the past.
    This last election was a choice between to establishment puppets.
    If I have the opportunity to vote for Ron Paul, I will. If not- well, maybe I'll write him in...

    When I refer to pulling out of the system, I'm talking about finances. The more debt you owe, the more sales tax you pay through public transactions - the more you buy, the more you work on the books - the more you fuel the system.
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    What...? What...? Are you assuming I was talking about you? lol. ... OK you got me twice .... I had it wrong, and yes I was talking about you...:oops:Thanks for voting! [boozingbuddies]
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    We just got back from weekend in Sturgeon bay ( my eldest daughter got hitched)...
    Ilove those "political ist pumping videos"...

    Know whats gonna happen in Nov?I l'll bet 89%of the old guard will dust of there chairs and show up as normal...
    and I will have voted for 3rd parties.( never ever voted dem; and Bush jr. put me off republicrats anymore ) I don't consider it throwing my vote
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