PlumCrazy Polymer Lowers ILLEGAL Says Letter from BATFE.....

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    PSA: PlumCrazy Polymer Lowers ILLEGAL Says Letter from BATFE

    PlumCrazy was a brand of polymer AR-15 lower receivers that were manufactured by PCF Manufacturing until they mysteriously went out of business in late 2011. Recently, a company, whose name I have been asked not to disclose, sent in a sample of a PlumCrazy lower to the BATFE to find out if the method they used to attached the metal serial number plate to the polymer lower was legal. Turns out, its not! PlumCrazy lower receivers are illegal, and have always been illegal under Federal Law.

    Metal serial numbers plates attached to polymer firearms must be embedded in such a way that removing them will significantly damage or destroy the firearm. In the BATFE letter, dated June 18 2013, Firearms Technology Branch technicians were able to remove the PlumCrazy serial number using just a hammer and a screwdriver in just one minute and without doing any damage to the receiver. The letter says …

    During the examination of the submitted AR- 15 type firearm receiver section (serial number RM00501 ), FTB also found that both the height and depth of the serial number markings are acceptable and thus compliant with§ 478.92. With respect to the adequacy of the attachment of the insert for this frame, the FTB evaluation revealed that the serial number consisted of a thin sheet of metal-like material and was attached to the surface of the embedded metal insert. This serial number was easily removed when a hammer and screw driver were used to peel the sheet off of the metal insert. This action took approximately 1 minute and caused no damage to the receiver. (See enclosed photos depicting the removal of the serial number insert.)

    … the method used to attach the serial number insert (serial number RM00501) on the partial receiver sample is not compliant with Federal Law.
    Signed Earl Griffith, Chief, Firearms Technology Branch

    The last thing posted on the PCF Manufacturing website, dated 6 October 2011, was this message (copied verbatim, including spelling errors and odd punctuation, emphasis added) …

    If you’re confused because you were looking for PlumCrazy Firearms,don’t be -·you’re in the right place; we are just adding a variance to our licence. Our composite lowers will carry the new branding and maintain the high level of quality you’ve come to expect from our products. We wil,l however, be phasing out the Plumcrazy branded lowers, so get them while you can! So what’s the reason for the branding change? Well, as we have more law enforcement and military wanting to use our products, having “PlumCrazy” on the side of the magwell may not be the best· idea……, that’s it -·no conspiracy or anything, just a simple business decision that allows us to further broaden our market place. What’s this change mean to you? Well, nothing unless you just can’t live without seeing “Plumcrazy” on your lower. We plan to maintain the same price point as before, and·continue to provide you with·the best customer service in the industry

    PumCrazy lowers were quite popular. There could be thousands of gun owners around the country who, in good faith, purchase an illegal product.
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    Which is why I want to manufacture all of my own.
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    This is complete BS. I read this and then pulled out my Glock to look at the SN plate. I could take it off in a minute with a dremel tool and not damage the frame. Like Colt said above, "RUH ROH" now Glocks are going to be illegal.
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    Not crazy, if the ATF comes to your Door, and sees a PlumCrazy Lower on your AR15.... Remember, they are a BIG Bunch of Bullies, with a Federal Badge.... and a US Attorney, to back them up, in most cases..... If you have one of these, better go buy another LEGAL Lower and swap that one OUT, or bury the weapon in a undisclosed location, with your Remote BugOut Stuff.... It isn't worth the Court Fight, and expense to do otherwise.... My Opinion.... YMMV.....
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    ATF is pushing things to try to get back to the Ruby Ridge / Waco jackboot days. If another situation like either one of those happened again it might be very interesting how the gun owners act while the jackbooting is in progress.
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    PCF has been out of business for about two years. That doesn't lessen the "risk" associated with owning one of their lowers. I think they are back in business with a different name and that the new operation is supposedly compliant, but have not yet confirmed that. Nor do I have a name of the new operation.

    Worth noting, I think, is that they may have had to turn over their records when they shut down. If so, buyers may be identifiable and subject to a searching out. Did I have one of those lowers, I might be tempted to destroy it and make some kind of record showing that I did. (Or swap it thru an FFL if you can find one willing.)
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    Folks were PlumCrazy to buy a polymer lower to begin with

    and PlumCrazy to continue to own it [OO]
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    It's a good thing I don't believe in owning guns. It appears to be quite a headache to keep up with all the rules.
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    I live in a rough neighborhood... we don't use guns, we just insert the bullets manually.....
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    As an OEM, when PCF went out of business, their FFL would have been cancelled as well, and since their products were sold WITH Serial Numbers, thru FFLs, all those sales would be recorded in their BoundBook. Once they ceased operation, that BoundBook, by Federal Statute, would be turned over to the ATF Records Depository. Therefor as Ghrit noted above, there is paperwork that can be traced to, at least the first Purchaser, from the final FFL, that sold this product, into non-FFL hands. After that, it is up to the folks who bought & Sold them, if they wanted to keep any records of Transfers. No records are REQUIRED FOR Long Guns, IntraState, in Most States..... .....
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    I read that part of the reason they went out of business had to do with the quality of their product... apparently it didn't hold up well to repeated use... may be wrong but I seem to recall that...
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    I kind of like the bury it in an undisclosed location.
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    Just another NOTE, here: Remember, that if you own one of these Lowers, AND you get stopped, or searched, by ANY LEO (JackBoot Thug) who recognizes that your Weapon, is built on one of these, He will immediately Arrest You, and you WILL be Convicted, of a Felony, and lose ALL your Gun Rights. That is not something I would mess around with, personally. Much better to swap the lower out, or make it unavailable to your living, and working spaces, so that ANY search, can't be claimed it was in Plain Sight, and therefor warrantless, under the 4th Amendment. Are your Gun Rights worth more than the cost of a Legal Lower? ..... YMMV..... You decide.....
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    Good points BT!!!
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    if that buried AR is found, with your name associated with the number, you are in big trouble.
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    What number?! :D
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    the number that is on it, unless you commit a Federal felony and remove it.
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    Okay... :lol:
    Welcome to the Monkey by the way....
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    thanks. We are fixing to lose the right to complete 80% frames, guys. get some while you still can.
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