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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Kathy in WV, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Kathy in WV

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    Do you have something small you can slip in your pocket for carrying around your farm or house? I had a .40 I used to carry but it got in my way and I have Fibro and it started hurting my hands because of that. So my hubby took me shopping and I got a little Ruger .380. I love that little gun! It has a built in laser on it and I'm impressed how accurate it really is. It wouldn't be my first choice if someone was breaking in the house but its great to grab and go when the kids want to go out in the woods walking or we are picking mushrooms. We have critters here so need to keep something... Anybody else have one of these little .380's?
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  2. NVBeav

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    I have some friends who probably have the same one (Ruger LCP?) in .380. They're happy with their decision and they seem to shoot well. It's good for you that it's small enough to carry everywhere - better than leaving it at home because of size/weight: A small gun is still a great equalizer.
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  3. ghrit

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    Got an LCP a couple months back and did a review posted someplace on the site. ("Search" was not my friend when I went looking for it.) Basically an easy carry, not fun to shoot piece unless your hands are small.
  4. Redneck Rebel

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  5. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Rr, you got it. I was looking in all the wrong places.
  6. Redneck Rebel

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    Just used the forums advanced search rather than the google custom search so i could plug your name in. I remember reading through the thread cuz I've got a old Hi Point .380 that I no longer carry and wanted something to feed its stockpile of ammo.
  7. Kathy in WV

    Kathy in WV Just runnin' the ridges...

    ghrit, I followed the link to your post and read thru it all. Only difference I can see is I went with the laser sights. I'm not used to shooting something that small so I'm learning to adapt. The grip is small even for a woman. My mother is tiny and it would be a good fit for her! lol I do LOVE how everythings rounded off and you just slip it in your pocket. (Us chunky girls don't like them belts-n-holsters)[LMAO]
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  8. Alpha Dog

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    My partner has one he carries as a backup and with some practice he has got the feel of it. Just like most my hands prevent the gun for being a fit for me. I carry a little 5 shot Chater Arms undercover 38spl in my pocket. It's stainless, hammerless with a rubber boot grip and has the titanium light weight frame. It also was a surprise that it's not hard on the hands to shoot as far has recoil.
    This is a picture I pulled off line of it.

    I also have another friend that has the LCP 9mm and I've shot it it's a good shooting gun, which Im not downing the 380 it's a good shooter too. The problem with it and me is my hands not the gun as for my partner I tell him he has freakishly small doll hands for a man and thats why he can shoot it.
  9. Kathy in WV

    Kathy in WV Just runnin' the ridges...

    Poor partner! Must be gettin' the rookie treatment, lol.
  10. I carry small BUG often, but along with either a revolver or 1911.

    BUG = Back up Gun.

    The BUG is usually a .44special bulldog with 3 inch barrel but I have a few semi auto's in the 380 / 9mm / 9x18 range. The makarov is a pretty decent pocket size BUG imho.

    But I live where I usually shoot daily.

    And I understand the pain, I have a bunch of hurts. I apply the old motto of just drive on.

    When I play I enjoy any number of firearms to shoot, but when it absolutly has to do the job I want something I can count on to do the job.

    On any given day I may face down a feral pig. That controls my choice of weapons. Those critters can either run off or tear you up. simply unpredictable.

    The other things I may have to handle range from rattle snakes to coyote to skunk to ground hog etc.

    A good revolver is the best choice for something I can have with me all the time. If I know problems are coming I go for a long rifle.

    But if you are happy with the small as your main, it is much better than having nothing at all by a magnitude or three.

  11. goinpostal

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    I had an all SS AMT.45backup that always bit the web of my hand.Even though it saved my ass several times.
    I sold it becouse of having to give a blood sacrifice every time I ran a few rounds through it.
    After trigger work(16lbs to 5lbs),a polished feed ramp,porting,+2 mag extentions,and a Lazer Max(guide rod lazer)added.It was one hell of a little race gun.
    It would shoot 8 +P+240grn rounds without issue other than major recoil,but I usually ran CarBon 138grn+P+jhp's through it.They were twice the velocity,better for controlling the little beast(follow up shots),and better for penetration,and HP expantion.
    The AMT is a pretty good little equalizer with a little smith work done.
    Out of the box,the only issue with it other than a strong man trigger.Was that when you went to wrack the first"cold"round into the chamber.It took 2or3 tries wracking the slide to do it.
    After it fired the first round,and was"hot".It would flawlessly wrack/feed mag after mag without issue.Polishing the feed ramp cured the issue.
  12. m 99

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    I carry a kel-tec p3at (380) for about 5 years now. The pocket clip works great. Best of all a very nice man sent me the dies to reload for it.
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  13. Smitty

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    Usually don't have a problem concealing my full size glock but if I do I carry a browning 380. Not the punch I would like but like I said not what I usually carry.
  14. geo

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    I have both an AMT .380 and Keltec P3AT, amazingly enough with a little bit of fluff and buff, both have been 100% reliable. Doubt I would carry them only, but as a backup definitely. I prefer my glock 19 or 17 for ccw.
  15. Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380, simply the best ;)
  16. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    Bond Arms in .45lc, not the .45lc/.410.

    Just for quick trips when I don't want to carry the 1911.
  17. probie

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  18. probie

    probie Monkey

    I love compact hand guns. I just did a trade for a makarav .380. Made in Russia and I love it. Have not shot it yet but herd there very accurate as well 2012-06-19_20-36-49_435.
  19. geo

    geo Monkey

    For small carry, I have an AMT .380, a Keltec P3AT, and both have never given me a single problem. I was really shocked how decent the AMT was, I had always heard they were not great, but the price was right and I gave it a try. Decent little pocket gun. The Keltec has always worked from day one.

    I also have a Makarov, never carried it, but it could be pressed into service if needed. Normally the smallest gun I carry is a Glock 19, but its nice to have smaller options.
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