Pokemon GO: Most intrusive app ever

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    I'm not sure if many of you use smartphones or not but there was an app released not too long ago called Pokemon GO. It is aimed at mostly young people but also fans of the show and games. It enables the player to experience what is being called "augmented reality" by placing spawn points in GPS locations for the players to find. The game has been quite a hit, I hear that it raised a lot of money for the company that released it. Practically half of the world downloaded this app within the first couple weeks. It's too bad none of them took the time to read the terms and conditions they all were agreeing to when they hit that download button.

    If you read the terms and conditions for pokemon go, you will find that it gives the app permissions to your phone like access to your pictures, camera, microphone, Google account, etc. also access to your Gmail giving them the ability to read and send mail from your account. It also states that anything illegal that is found or recorded can be turned in to authorities or a third party at the developers discression.

    If you dig a little deeper into the background of this game, you will find out something interesting about the developer, John Hanke. He was also the creator of Google Earth. Dig a little deeper and you will find out that he has been receiving funding from the CIA to develop these apps. About at this point I started to go "hmmmm" as gears began to turn in my head.

    If you think about it, Google Earth is actually pretty limited by the things you can see via street view. The van can only go so many places on the roads. Similarly the satellites can only reveal so much of the earth since its perspective is limited to one angle (it can't see inside buildings for example). But then we get an app like Pokemon GO. Take away the Pokemon and look at what we've got. An app that:
    1. Tracks your every move and constantly records data with your camera tagged with a precise GPS location. (Even if your phone is pointed at the ground, it is stil recording something. Compiled in the right way, you could have a precise representation of the earth in digital form. You have to wonder what could potentially be done with that information.)

    2. Can be used as a tool for authorities to warrant police action against citizens. (This app makes it so that they don't even have to enter your residence to inspect it. It can potentially be done on a computer and it would all be 100% legal because your 8 year old agreed to download a free app.)
    3. Can be used to coordinate users on a massive scale to go out and record certain areas using spawn points for pokemon. (People are literally being used as reconnaissance drones. All the developer has to do is place a pokemon out in the world and this happens)

    Please don't take my word for any of this. You can do your own research and find exactly what I'm talking about. I realize I have made some assumptions in this post about the alternative purpose of this app which have not been proven. I am more stating my own observations about the potential for such an Orwellian alternative function.
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    Bingo!!!! Pokemon Go has Poke stops that are usually in historical, educational or public places, some in police and security places. Unsure about the CIA funding but I am one of those people that believe Google is evil and trying to take over the world, you can laugh at me if you want (I get that all the time) but google has it's hands in too many pies. My kid plays Pokemon go so I know where this games sends people and I also see certain creatures that pop up and draw people in, especially at night. Pokemon seems real active at night, which means things are being mapped as to what is guarded etc.
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  3. VHestin

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    As I said in another thread, I think Pokemon Go is just another step in technological Darwinism
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  4. ditch witch

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    I laugh when I hear some nutter yammering away about gooberment plans to implant us with tracking chips, because they don't really understand where technology is today. Between the proliferation of video cameras in our everyday lives and facial recognition software, GPS tracking in our vehicles and phones, etc, why would they need to do something as archaic as lojaking us? Almost everyone under the age of 30 is tripping over themselves to post new photos of themselves online on a near daily basis, and we're all slaved to the tech. PokemonGo is just one plaything in an entire warehouse of surveillance toys.

    It's effortless too. People willingly build a digital profile of themselves in order to access things like AIRBNB and cast suspicious eyes towards anyone who is unwilling to do the same.
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    It's just like they say now , if you need to get away and hide , throw away your cellphone .
    But that is really scary , they could send any kid by your house to do their re-coning for them . Pretty ingenious , but scary .
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    This part I must call BS on. An 8 year old is not of legal age (maybe under sharia law, i.e. Detroit) to enter into a contract, therefor it is NOT "100 legal."

    PoGo has no place in my life...ever.
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  7. ditch witch

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    It may not be "legal" but how long do you think you will last when trying to argue that it was your 8 year old who downloaded it and not you, against someone with unlimited finances? After all, that phone is in your name... unless your 8 year old is the one who signed the contract with AT&T for that phone you handed him. The phone you are ultimately held responsible for.

    I had to go to town the other day to pick up a bag of chicken feed. I passed 6 traffic cams, a camera on the ATM, cameras in the pumps at the gas stations, and at least 4 cameras at Tractor Supply. Another wireless camera system is set up at the mom and pop feed store where I got a bale of straw. That's just the ones I saw. Plus the guy across the street has exterior wireless cameras, so there's more than can be jacked into. Then there's all the smartphones that EVERYONE has in their hands everywhere I go. The days of just tossing your own phone and vanishing into the crowd are over and have been for quite some time.
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    An 8 year old has no need of a phone. A parent, yes...but not a phone. But that's a different subject ;)
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  9. ditch witch

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    No arguments there. I see friggin kindergartners running around with $500 phones and my head hurts. Just pointing out that thinking what your kid downloads can't be used against you because he shouldn't have been able to download it to begin with is naive, at best.
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  10. oil pan 4

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    CENTCOM banned US military from playing it while I was over in Afghanistan.
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  11. BTPost

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    Pokey Go is just another way for the Weak Minded to lose themselves in Fantasy..... and waste what could be productive time.... It is like ALL Computer Games.... Designed to get one Hooked, and keep them Hooked....
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    I got custody of my daughter when she was about 7 years old , when she was about 9 , I asked her what she was wanting for Christmas . She finally said she wanted some video games . So one day I finally went out and bought her the system and some games for Christmas . I got home with them and started wrapping them . Finally got them all done and sitting there looking , and it finally hit me ,,,, We didn't have a TV . That was 20 years ago , I'm still using that TV , but only have dvds , and vhs .I ended up playing those games more than she did . But now , she has to carry around an extra battery for her cell phone .
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  14. Ura-Ki

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    Yup! True, every word. Every cam you have, every one around weather you can see it or not is collecting profile data on you 24/7. And this is just the latest move to collect multi angle high res imagery of you and the entire populated areas of this planet! This is how big brother exerts control when the time comes! Resist and they just switch on a few cams and can "see" you in real time, figure out where you are holed up and the best way to end you!
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  15. chelloveck

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    I don't PokemonGo....the ap tends to turn adults into pyjama wearing child chaperones, racing around with gormless enthusiasm so that their spawn can collect digital Pokewhatsists.

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  16. GhostX

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    I wish that this kind of topic was more mainstream discussion rather than belonging in a "tin foil hat" section of a forum. I have to admit that I can only speculate on what they are planning to do with this information but I some how doubt that a it's going to be released in a uber deluxe version of Google maps or a new video game. People are brainlessly signing away the privacy rights their forefathers fought for them to have. The corporate government is taking inventory on us all and it's amazing to see that even though so many are aware, they either don't care or don't know what to do. We are nothing but numbers and dollar amounts to them... America wasn't supposed to be like this and people should not be okay with it.
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    As I have stated before, the smartphone craze has opened the door for every idiot to gain access to the web. Unfortunately, it doesn't just end there. These are mostly people who have never used a personal computer outside public schools, and in some cases, older Americans who still have no clue how to use a computer. They are all restricted to social media sites and every single phone is tracked, traced, and monitored. The data collection market is growing by each second, and much of this data is in the hands of private corporations who operate nefariously, some work directly for the secret government (NSA) and are completely untouchable. The worst part is, social media is itself a tool to control people and institute policy on behavior, which further restricts personal freedom. When the .GOV continues to tighten the noose at controlling the internet, it will only be the very small group of independent PC users who will be standing in their way --not the millions upon millions of idiots using smartphones.

    The people are doing their work for them. Once the internet is tied up and controlled well enough through regulation and heavy bureaucracy, the globalists can continue to move forward, unhindered.
  18. svjoe

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    While I do own a "smart" phone the only thing I do with it is text and talk. Immediately deleted all the useless apps on it upon purchase and have downloaded ..............ZERO!
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  19. ditch witch

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    The worst part is trying to explain what's behind the curtain to someone who thinks Google is "the innernet" and that terrorists lurk behind every Starbucks. They see a tiny hill and think it to be Everest, and nothing you say can convince them they're actually seeing the very top tip of an iceberg. Then you have the people who have come to think "privacy" is a four letter word and that the more of your life you plaster on digital walls, the more relevant you become. The ones avoiding social media, the individuals who refuse to make their every move open source, will earn themselves a closer look from the wrong eyes because their very avoidance makes them stand out in the crowd. It's a win win for those running the show. The sheep willingly offer up their most valuable information, and the ones who won't become instantly visible by their refusal to do so.
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    A set of new wheels (in the euro world style & $$$ class) 2014- all have wireless "SPA" or connections to hot spots , or if you subscribe , your ride is the phone / interweb / GPS all the toys as well .
    So a dog is in a car & stands on the power window up button and the code is set for activation too long & also a code for motor draw to much while window is not fully closed ETC. Power window stops working & all powers are stopped to that window.
    Here you can call up a dealer of said euro make & if you have done work & they have your records & you give them your VIN , they can pull all the info as in when , how long , where it happend , temp time all of the info of THEN & NOW !! as your driving or outside starbucks drivethru line !!!

    No thanks , I just lost the hand crank with my new sled .
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