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    I had a nice surprise at Knob Creek last weekend. One of my favorite Patriot bands was playing at the range house Saturday afternoon.

    Poker Face has been around for about 10 years now and are very well known in the Patriot community. I was surprised to learn that no one in our group had heard of them. Especially the younger guys. They are a hard rock band that is geared more for the younger crowd. But even a middle aged rocker like myself can enjoy a lot of their music.

    So if you haven't heard of these guys you should really take the time to check them out. They are spreading the word and defending freedom with music. Following are links to a couple of their videos and their website.

    You can find them on YouTube too. Check them out. Here are some of the lyrics from a couple of my favorite songs.

    from " Rather Die Than Be Your Slave" on the "Sex, Lies, and Politics" album. It starts as a homage to the Patriots at Lexington and Concord and ends with a warning for today.

    The sun rose high and burnt the night away
    Who stood before me was my enemy- Don't tread on me
    He's come to take away my liberties
    I'd rather die than be a slave to thee-Don't treat me this way

    I'd rather die than be your slave
    I will survive, and you'll feel my rage
    It's not a question of being brave
    I'd just rather die than be your slave

    It did'nt matter who shot first that day
    They killed my brothers, they lay dead by me
    We hit them hard, we made them pay that day
    We hung the traitors from the highest tree

    Much time has past, we repeat history
    Our toys have changed while man has remained the same
    Evil in his ways
    Tribal families rule not over me
    I will not let them rape our liberties- We'll die for them today

    (There are more lyrics but this is a sampling)

    "I can see it in Your Eyes" from the same album

    I didn't want to hurt you
    I only speak because I care
    I only want to open up your eyes
    To what's out there
    Just don't be scared

    The winds they are a blowing
    Leavin nothing in it's tracks
    What is good is now called evil
    And now it's back, that mean 'ole Jack

    I can see it in your eyes
    You've been buying all their lies
    How do I get thru?
    Get thru to you

    Check out their website and videos

    They are big Ron Paul supporters also. This is thier newest video featuring Ron Pauls Message

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    That's agreat video clip and should be distributed all over.
  3. Clyde

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    i checked our their site, they have a great sound that will easily find it into my eclectic mix.
  4. kckndrgn

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    Nice video and nice music. Rock is not really my thing (anymore) but I did like what I heard.

    Thanks for sharing
  5. melbo

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    Someone from that site registered here yesterday and viewed this thread. Free tickets?
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    Hello Minuteman, Melbo and the rest of you on this thread....

    Thanks for checking out our tunes. We have made the trek down to the creek since fall 2000. At least once a year playing, usually at both shoots. Look for an article about the bi annual Knob Creek
    in a copy of our weekly favorite American first newspaper
    the American Free Press
    in the next couple of weeks

    If you dont mind I would like to post a few relevant videos from the Ed and Elaine Brown LIVE FREE OR DIE fest, as well as the other Ron Paul with Poker Face music video we have out and lastly me speaking at this past saturdays anti-Illegal Immigration rally in Lakewood, NJ...

    enjoy... Write, we write back
    peace be with
    Paul from Poker Face
    Poker Face

    7-16-7 We Are Change at Ed Brown
    Live - Free or Die Concert
    Illuminati plays at the end
    We Are Change at Ed Brown Live Free or Die Concert

    poker face plays illuminati at the end of the video while the HomelandInsecurity Helicopter continues to harass the concert goers. Now at night, with the spotlight, while Ed Brown hits them with a spotlight back.

    7-20-7 Poker Face at Ed Brown
    Live Free or Die Concert

    CREATOR 911 Matrix -

    7-24-7 Ed Brown Concert –
    Live Free or Die Concert
    Poker Face ‘Id Rather Die’

    <a href=" YouTube- Ed Brown Concert " target="_blank"> YouTube- Ed Brown Concert </a>

    Ed Brown concert buzzed by helicopter on 7/14/07

    Final Cut – Time is Now Ron Paul Music video
    Put to Poker Faces Calling For A Revolution
    YouTube- Ron Paul .. The Time is NOW - Final Cut
    Run Paul Run
    Win Paul Win

    Music Video for Ron Pauls Revolution 2008
    set to the song KONTROL by Poker Face</b>

    Please pass this video around to other Ron Paul loving folks that might like Rock.

    10-20-7 Rally Against Illegal Immigration at Lakewood NJ X

  7. Minuteman

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    Wow! Thanks for stopping by Paul! I love your music and especially your message. Keep up the good work guys. And come back and see us again. You'll find a lot of freedom loving folks here at the "Monkey". We'll stop by and say hi at the Creek next time.
  8. ozarkgoatman

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    I would like to see the vids but as the sign says Dial-up SUCKS!!!

  9. melbo

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    Just checked them all out.
    Thanks for sharing.
  10. Minuteman

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    I've been cruising around their web site. Pretty cool. They have a forum that has some interesting threads. A lot of the same things we talk about here. Check it out.

    I haven't found a video for one of my new favorite songs "Watchman". I love the lyrics and the sound is a lot more my style. By the way my 14 year old daughter loves them too. She thinks Rich is "hot".
  11. pokerkid

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    Re: Poker Face new Interview that came out today...

    It was done with a Portugese freedom lover F. Gonczalez.
    WARNING... it is a LONG read.
    But there is a link to a video of us playing in dc for the progressive democommies of Amerika event in 2005.
    This video contains a few our new tunes coming off of PEACE OR WAR.
    Before A N Y O N E says shizen about us playing at this event... remember this..... Christ didnt go to the healthy, he went to speak the WORD with the sick, the depraved, the possesed etc... Even democommies need to hear the truth and a big hug!! :)
    enjoy the music
  12. melbo

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    Mm, I think I'm going to move this out to general so others can see it. These guys need more exposure.
  13. pokerkid

    pokerkid Monkey+++

    Thanks for thinking of us.
  14. Minuteman

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    Just got this in a newsletter tonight. I don't think the guys would mind me sharing it here. They have a cool contest going on. Support Ron Paul and maybe win an autographed (by the band and RP) Poker Face CD.

    Dear Family, friends and fans.....

    Big big news this week.... We will be talking about
    Poker Face for Ron Paul 2008 Contest 1 day only for NOV 5<SUP>th</SUP>
    Bullet points of this newsletter

    <DIR><DIR>PF – Dr Ron Paul for prez 2008 contest / fundraiser
    Dr Paul coming to Philly Nov 10th
    Ron Paul TOOLS you can use…
    Our musical brother Carl Klang is back and with new music and videos
    Up coming Poker Face gigs.

    </DIR></DIR>1. For those of you who have never heard of Ron Paul, NOW IS THE TIME to find out about the ONLY pro-America first presidential candidate on the docket versus a bunch of GlobalCons who will bring you more of the same crap or worse if it is Hitlery!.

    Main Ron Paul site where you can go donate directly to the campaign

    November 5th has been designated D-Day as in DONATE 100$ Day to the Ron Paul campaign. There is a nationwide effort to raise $10 million dollars in ONE day. In accordance with the movie V, where the main character chooses that date, as the day to remember freedom, let us all send a very large and loud message tomorrow, by giving what ever $$’s funds you may have to his campaign.
    Go here to get a jist of it:
    YouTube- The 5th

    Money, and a LARGE quantity of it is the ONLY thing the dark side respects and most importantly REPORT ON. Last quarter Dr Paul was the 3rd largest fundraiser with $5 million dollars. The difference being that Dr Paul’s money comes from the ordinary common man with donations of under 200$ making up almost 50% of the donators… Translation means., Dr Paul’s campaign is being funded by the common person and not PACs and large corporations like the rest of the prostiticians.

    …In his own words, here is, I believe, the young man responsible for
    this valiant November 5 effort, Kevin Moore: "Tens of thousands of
    Americans from all over the world who support Congressman, Doctor and
    Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and his message of freedom, peace and
    prosperity have committed to donate to the Ron Paul For President
    campaign on Monday, November 5th.

    - Our contest that we are offering for tomorrow, and tomorrow only is this.
    Whatever sales come into poker face tomorrow thru midnight PST,

    We will donate half of all the monies that come thru PAYPAL, plus give away to the largest order purchaser a copy of MADE IN AMERICA signed by the good Dr Paul him self and the band. This L O N E signed copy of MADE IN AMERICA was gotten by our bassist Dennis, when he drove out to meet Dr Paul in Pittsburgh back on the 3rd of August. We have been waiting for just the right event to raise some extra funds for this great American.

    Please pass these Poker Face videos around to your
    Freedom loving pro-Ron Paul friends that love Rock…

    Final Cut – Time is Now Ron Paul Music video
    Put to Poker Faces Calling For A Revolution
    YouTube- Ron Paul .. The Time is NOW - Final Cut

    Music Video for Ron Pauls Revolution 2008
    put to the song KONTROL by Poker Face
    YouTube- Ron Paul Revolution, If you Like ROCK and RON PAUL

    Please pass this video around to other Ron Paul loving folks that might like Rock.

    Poker Face
    Poker Faces Main Website
    Poker Faces MySpace Site

    2.Next bit of Ron Paul news….
    Dr Paul is coming to down town Philly this coming weekend
    1 PM Saturday November 10th at INDEPENDENCE MALL
    in between 5th and 6th streets and Market and Chestnut.

    Main page: for the Philly Rally:

    Schedule of Events:


    There is some talk about putting on a common-man fundraiser $25-$50 later that same day for Dr Paul after the Rally at some nearby club, where we might get an opportunity to play at. But it is only talk at the moment. If something more concrete comes of it, we will put out another email.

    To keep up with the days events and constantly changing news

    It will also be broadcast live at

    in case you can't make it to the event!
    3. Videos to show your Sheople friends
    and excite them about Dr Paul
    Dr Paul on Jay Leno October 30th

    Recent story in the Boulder Weekly News

    List of articles and google/youtube videos can be found here:

    List of videos and other assorted Ron Paul info:

    4. We have recently heard from our fellow Minstrel of the 2nd American Revolution
    Carl Klang… He is back, and back with a vengeance. He will be coming out with a bunch of new music. You can hear some of it on You Tube here:

    Ron Paul "Rock 'Em in their Ivory Tower"

    Ron Paul - We The People

    Ron Paul - We Ain't Gonna Fight for the New World Order

    Please support Carl’s music as well. He has been writing anti-NOW music even before we started. His efforts are to respected, and helped by exposing family and friends to his music as well. We hope to team up with Carl at the next Machine Gun Shoot in Knob Creek, KY in April 2008

    5. Poker Face Dates
    November 21st (Wed night before Thanksgiving day. Biggest night of the year for going out to clubs) we will be back at the Sterling Hotel with the national touring cover band of the doors called Morisson Hotel. We will be in the ROCK room opening up for them. Come early, stay late

    December 8th Sterling Hotel for a Repeal the 18th amendment part B party
    (18th amendment legalized prohibition I, but we are living thru the horror of Prohibition II called the WAR ON DRUGS. Come celebrate freedom with us

    December 15th at the Dragon Fly club in Harrisburg for a Ron Paul fundraiser and awareness event. (more details to follow)

    We have a bunch of other Ron Paul for prex events in the works with meet up groups from around the country including Erie and Pittsburgh PA, Clearwater and Palm Beach, Florida, Reno NV, Knoxville and Nashville TN, Greenville SC and a bunch of others. So keep checking back on our Poker Face main site for gigs.

    More gigs to follow soon…..
    Keep in touch

    Drop us an email

    We love hearing from you. Where would you like to see us play at???

    Peace be with

    Poker face

  15. pokerkid

    pokerkid Monkey+++

    Thanks for reposting this. Ron Paul has done well today... check it out here: why the repost... because it is very important that we not only meet the projected number of 10$ million, but blow past it, to shut up the nimrods on Faux News, Communist News Network, and other lamestream presstitutes saying that Dr Paul is only a net phenomena. Money is the ONLY thing these bastards respect. $12 million gets Dr Paul some leverage for buying air time. One huge bonus that the lamestram media toadies NEVER bring up, is that Dr Paul has REAL bodies in the streets, that he doesnt have to pay for their efforts. How many hundreds of millions of dollars does Dr Pauls campaign received because of ALL of our free will efforts.Things the GlobalCons have to pay for everything. A million dollars to Ron Paul in cash is like 10-20 million dollars of GlobalCon money. Click here to see where Ron Pauls Nov 5th hourly total... It is already fast approaching 5$. Anyone else that would like to be on our 0-3 emails a month newsletter, please email me your name and email address to peace pokerkid
  16. monkeyman

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    Just a shamless bump because the music is great with a great message.
  17. Joe Dan

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    I saw them for the first time in the middle of a forest in TN - it was my kids' first concert and I reckon between burning the UN flag, firing off parachute flairs and starclusters and the sea of BDUs and black rifles - it was a good start.

    I also saw them on the mall in DC and again at a very poorly attended event in the Ozarks.

    Great band.
    Great guys.
    Outstanding Patriots.
  18. pokerkid

    pokerkid Monkey+++

    Ya gotta love the blue and white rag of a flag going up in smoke is such a beautiful thing to the eyes.
    paul aka pokerkid...

    PS Thanks for the kind words Monkey Man and DAN

    Here are some more PF videos, this time for Ron Pauls campaign... If Dr Paul is to win, he needs to get of his loser campaign manager LEW MOORE. If he doesnt, this POS in neocon clothes is purposefully, F-ing it up for the good Dr.

    Poker Face<?xml:namespace prefix = o /> Poker Faces Main Website Poker Faces MySpace Site
    Final Cut – Time is Now Ron Paul Music video
    Put to Poker Faces Calling For A Revolution

    YouTube- Ron Paul .. The Time is NOW - Final Cut
    YouTube- Ron Paul .. The Time is NOW - Final Cut

    <EMBED src= width=425 height=350 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode="transparent"></EMBED>

    Run Paul Run
    Win Paul Win

    Music Video for Ron Pauls Revolution 2008
    set to the song KONTROL by Poker Face

    YouTube- Ron Paul Revolution, If you Like ROCK and RON PAUL

    <EMBED src= width=425 height=350 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode="transparent"></EMBED>

    11-11-7 Battle of the titans - RON PAUL vs. TYRANNY -
    Poker Faces song ID Rather Die Then Be Your Slave

    YouTube- Ron Paul VS Tyranny

    <EMBED src= width=425 height=355 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode="transparent"></EMBED>

    12-7-7 Poker Faces Tear It Down + Ron Paul 2008
    YouTube- Ron Paul 2008 - Tear It Down

    <EMBED src= width=425 height=355 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode="transparent"></EMBED>

    Please pass this video around to other Ron Paul loving folks that might like Rock.

    [FONT=&quot]"Let me write the songs of a nation - I don't care who writes its laws."[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]-Andrew Fletcher (1653 - 1716)[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Scottish writer, politician and patriot.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]He was a Commissioner of the old Parliament of Scotland and opposed the[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]1707 Act of Union between Scotland and England.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Andrew Fletcher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Disambig_gray.svg" class="image"><img alt="Disambig gray.svg" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@commons/thumb/5/5f/Disambig_gray.svg/30px-Disambig_gray.svg.png[/FONT]
  19. monkeyman

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    Yeah I linked to some of the samples and been listening to them on the computer while I surf. Figure once get a few priorities out of the way will have to see about ordering a couple of the CDs so can take it with me.
  20. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    I hadn't heard from the boys in awhile. Got this email today. Thier new CD is out!! Can't wait to get it.

    Any Monkeys in the Allentown, PA. area the 19th can check em out live. Wish it wasn't so far I'd go see them.

    Dear Friends, Fans, and Family December 10th, 2009

    We would like to invite all of you out to our CD Release party for our new disc PEACE OR WAR - Songs for the Revolution.

    12/19/2009 9:00 PM at LUPOS Beef & Ale in Allentown, PA
    2149 Reading Rd., Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104
    Cost: 5$

    Description:poker Faces CD Release Party for their new disc#5
    PEACE OR WAR - Songs for the Revolution

    5 bands for 5 dollars
    9pm 18th Hour - doing an acoustic set
    930pm AMEROS - band from Albany NY
    10pm POKER FACE
    1145pm Dave Cahill & The Almighty Terribles from NJ
    1215pm HATE TANK (members of Blue Sees Red and Cheese Melt)

    times scheduled to change as the evening gets going. Come hear the best in PROTEST Music in the valley and country. Poker Face releases their EPIC 5th disc after a 6 year wait.

    Come read some of the reviews;

    or read our lyrics;

    or check out a couple of the new tunes for free here;

    lastly a Morning Call(Tribune paper) review:

    We look forward to catching up with a lot of long time old time friends. Come celebrate with us...

    Please check out the new music. Pick up a copy or two for yourself, a loved one, a cousin, niece, your child etc... Those that need to wake up, music is one of the best ways to do it.

    Here is the most recent review from our brother

    Frank Whalen Host of Frankly Speaking Radio

    If America’s
    founding fathers themselves had the time and talent to raise musical alarms, it would probably have come close to the skillful and heartfelt outpourings of the unapologetic new offering from Pokerface. "Peace or War" comprises a snapshot of the United States
    today in context of the social and political machinations which have taken us to where we are now…and a sonic heads-up to stave off the decline that would sink America from the greatness of its ideals which have allowed its people to always reach for something better.

    With over 16 years of radio experience myself, I must confess, the mere existence of Pokerface is a commercial aberration. Truth and honesty have no place in radio. It just doesn’t sell. Most people use music as a distraction, a form of escapism, and have no use for the reflective nature of an auditory mirror that highlights a nation’s (and its peoples) failings.
    That Pokerface can continue to move forward,
    growing and advancing with each album, is a ray of hope in a darkened
    world. Not only can we ascertain that there are countless fans (and I count myself proudly among them) who gain sustenance from such genuineness, but the notion of such raw emotion so courageously displayed by Pokerface so constantly, personally, is a comfort to
    me, knowing that they are out there rocking in the free world. For me, for you and for freedom.

    While "Peace or War" is accessible to all music lovers of
    all ages and all demographics, there should be a caveat included here. Pokerface is not gentle; Not even remotely. From the artistic mastery with which these patriotic warriors wield their weapons of aural combat, comes the nagging and uncomfortable reminder that there are things that must be discussed, mental struggles still to be fought, wrongs that must be righted. That there are still tasks to be done before all Americans can finally rest their weary heads knowing that at long last, the "Peace" spoken of in the album’s title has finally been achieved-
    the internal and external peace that is a spiritual imperative inherent in all humanity. They offer up the ultimate warning, the alternative, in the same album title. Fearlessly, the beautiful rage of "Peace or
    War" will keep those with ears to hear, honest, awake and aware.

    Frank Whalen

    Host, "Frankly Speaking Radio"

    Former Program Director, KFFK

    Former Asst. P.D., KXNA

    Former Asst. P.D., WGRD

    So folks, we hope to hear back from you. We hope several of you will come out to our show. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas

    From all of us at Poker Face God bless you all.
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