Police kill sword weilding teen who killed his mother

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    HURON, S.D. (AP) — Police killed a teenager who they said used a sword to kill his mother and injure three other people, including an officer.
    Investigators had not determined the motive for the attacks, Chief Doug Schmitt said Friday.
    "We don't have any background or any events leading up to the assault this morning that would give any indication of a motive," he said.
    Officers called to the family's home Friday found 14-year-old Rebekah Gilchrist with several cuts on her lower arms and hands. The officers then spotted her brother, 16-year-old Josh Gilchrist, swinging a long sword, Schmitt said.
    Schmitt said the boy struck one of the officers several times before the others fired several shots, killing him.
    Police then found the body of the boy's mother, 49-year-old mom Betty Gilchrist, and an injured foreign exchange student.
    Police said the boy's father, Jon Gilchrist, was not home during the attacks in the east-central South Dakota town.
    Schmitt said he believes Josh Gilchrist collected swords.
    Rebekah Gilchrist was taken to a hospital in Sioux Falls. The exchange student, whose name was not released, and the officer were treated at Huron Regional Medical Center and released, authorities said.
    Four officers were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, standard procedure when police fire a gun
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