Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA ripping innocent families from their homes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    Yea....I cannot believe people would be ok with this...
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  2. VisuTrac

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    Obviously, nearly everyone in watertown has not read the constitution, nor read the verdict that states police are not required to protect you.

    I'd have met them at the fence and said, "No warrant? Well you can just carry on down the street. If a terrorist comes here, I'll leave him on the other side of the fence for you "

    Just a trial run for Martial Law. I'm wondering when they are going to come with the buses and cattle cars.

    Stoopid Sheeple.
  3. RightHand

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    If this doesn't scare the bejesus out of anybody. nothing will and we are doomed to lose any or all of the rights afforded by the Constitution because we are too afraid to resist. Live with courage and don't be silent
  4. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    Well the sheeple will buy the 'ends justify the means' crap becauses they're lazy/stupid. Added: As mentioned in another thread, it shouldn't matter WHO is invoking their Constitutional rights, because everytime someone doesn't get them, it affects all of us because the Feds will keep expanding.
  5. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    For the past two day, I have been trying to wrap my brain around "why." why would these residents allow an illegal search? Why is it that what is as obvious as the wart on a witches nose can't be seen by so many people. I've even questioned if I am excessively paranoid, looking for reasons for a fight. I've asked myself if I would really resist were I in the situation. And then I see this tape and the answers to at least some of my questions float to the surface. No, I am not excessively paranoid, not even a little paranoid and yes, I am looking for a fight but it is a fight for a cause. And yes, I would resist and bear the consequence. You see, I believe in the sanctity of the Constitution. I believe that it is one of the few absolutes in the lives of US citizens, the one thing we should be able to count on in an every changing world, in a world dominated by self serving politicians.

    As we think back in our lives, we can all probably remember the first lie we told. It came out of our mouths in an effort to protect ourselves from a consequence. Afterwards, most of us probably agonized over that lie. It kept us awake at night. We tossed and turned and we couldn't get it out of our minds. If we couldn't correct it, we vowed that it would be the last lie we would ever tell. Then, someplace down the road, we were backed into another corner and again facing an unpleasant consequence so we took the easy route and told another lie. It bothered us but as we fell asleep that night, we were relieved that the reason for the lie was safely hidden. The next time we needed to protect ourselves and lied, our greatest fear was that we would be found out.

    The very same thing is happening with the adherence to the Constitution. Playing fast and loose with principles will leave us without any principles at all.
  6. ghrit

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    Against that much force, there isn't a lot you can do in the way of resistance without dying. However, if it turns out to be warrantless or otherwise illegal there is post actions that can and should be taken. In this case, there are more unknowns than knowns without some followup that we will never see.
  7. DMGoddess

    DMGoddess Monkey+++

    Because somebody set off a bomb and scared the sheeple, and when sheep are scared, they do whatever the shepherd tells them to do.

    Am I the only one who thought it was significant that, instead of paying attention to the 'human tragedy', that Congress kept right on with that stupid bill?
  8. Mountainman

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    Looks like the Katrina gun raids all over again. I have not watched the news in the last few days and was wondering how many lawsuits have been filed, if any. SHEEPLE
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  9. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    Apparently, none so far, as they were not confiscating anything, just looking for a BAD Guy.... Now if they used information collected during the search, to go back and arrest a SHEEPLE, for some unrelated Crime, you can bet the ACLU would be screaming their Liberal Heads off. Even if it was a significant Crime, and even if the SHEEPLE allowed them in looking for the BAD Guy. It will be interesting to see if any prosecutions arise from such a Search Senerio.... ..... YMMV...
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  10. VisuTrac

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    sheeple ain't going to file any lawsuits. They think it's a good idea.

    I really can't believe it. If there were a terrorist/bomber/escaped convict .. whatever, I'm not staying in my house. I've got chores around the farm. They can suggest I stay inside, but that's it, suggest.

    Staying inside, huddled down, really limits your ability to respond to threats but I think that is what they are going for. Easier to flash bang you indoors than if you were out running around the property and pausing at listening/observing positions.

    Imagine if someone actually sat on their front porch with a dbl barrel shotgun and told them, 'Never Mind opening the gate, I've got this area secured'

    One of these days they are going to run across, not a sheep, but a wolf.
    Their tactics seriously suck. The are running it as an exercise, too relaxed almost like just training the sheeple that this is normal.

    If they hit a wolf den with drug distributors inside, It's going to end really badly for the boys banging on the door and a few others on the front porch. It's going to suck for the wolves too, but they've probably already decided that they are not going to do life for drug violations might as well start shooting.

    Is it bad of me to actually hope that they get spanked by the wolves?
  11. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Think about this scenario - while, for your protection and public safety, they search your house, happen to see your 5, 10, 20, 100 weapons and make a note in your "profile." This is a reality, not hyperbole
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  12. Donldson

    Donldson Monkey+

    I teared up a bit, then I posted it on Facebook, and then I got a very well written response on why she, who has worked with LEOs all her life, felt it was OK and justified. This was thumbed up by a mutual friend who is in the military. Then I could barely contain myself.

    They say you get angry about things you feel you can control and sad about things that you feel are out of your control. I was very saddened that someone could actually watch innocent people being forced out of their home with arms on head and say "I'm sure they had a good reason." It is times like these that tests a man. Times when he wonders if he can even keep going knowing. The day where he truly and fully feels hope is lost, America is dead, and he is stuck on a sinking ship and nobody else notices the missing life boats.
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  13. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    I'm kinda surprised that anyone really believes people will get all outraged over this. People on here? Sure. Your average citizen? No. "It was for our safety!". If you point out it was an illegal search, they will say "Oh but the terrorists could have been in the house telling the people to say they'd seen no one so the cops HAD to drag everyone out to be sure!"

    Nothing will come of it, no homeowners will sue, and if they had come across a wolf den? They would have slaughtered the wolves, claimed they were drug dealers or crazy right wing nutters who tried to shoot them, and the crowd would have cheered and thrown garlands at them.
  14. larryinalabama

    larryinalabama Monkey++

    Dont think that the gooberment could get by with that in the hoods of Birmingham. Boston has been a lost liberal for a long time. Theres not many Americans left in that aera, just a failure of the us immigration ploicies.

    The gooberment is gaining confidence on what the peoples wil tollerate, however they may go bankrupt before they can put the whole country under martial law.

    I wil say its sad to see what the US has become.
  15. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    This is sickening. I just watched this whole thing and am disgusted. This needs to go viral and people need to be pi$$ed. There was no question if they could search your home, it was forced upon the people.
  16. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    Sorry @Motomom34, the sheeple don't care. Outside of this forum and others like it, constitutionalist, anarchists, veterans and long since retired police officers, it's normal everyday stuff.

    The sheeple don't see it as a problem, and that in itself is the problem.

    I'm not counting on the sheeple to ever wake up and smell the mutton cooking.
  17. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I posted it on my FB page and said if this is not okay with you share. I wonder if anyone will say it is not okay. At first my child thought it was okay because a bad guy was on the loose. We had another constitutional chat.
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  18. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    I also posted on Facebook my feelings about the unconstitutionality of what is going on, we'll see if anyone gets it. And my mother loves lamb meat(why do they call it lamb instead of sheep?). It is really sad that people are mental enough to buy "Oh it was for a good cause." Guess they never heard about the road to Hell...
  19. Mountainman

    Mountainman Großes Mitglied Site Supporter+++

    We can only hope that someone with a clue will file a lawsuit. The major problem would be having it go to a jury (sheeple) trial and having them think, for everyones protection it was justified, like most of you have posted.
  20. fmhuff

    fmhuff Monkey+++

    My first thought was “just another day in Afghanistan”. Seriously I doubt there are many families OK with it. When you see a full blown SWAT team with weapons loaded and pointed at you there is not much choice unless you want to die right there or "accidently trip fall down the stairs". At least they weren’t shooting at every blue PU truck like they did in Kalipornia.

    Macho aside, what could you do about it with a rifle in your face?
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