Police State or state of poloce?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Rabid, Apr 8, 2013.

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    I don't have the answer and I'm not exactly sure how to pose the questions that need be answered. While in the LEOs gone bad posting I started thinking about some of the hoops I've had to jump through in my working years. When someone works at a nuclear facility they undergo a series of checks and testing. They do a criminal background check on you. Your credit is checked to assure money problems don't compromise the safety of the power plant through outside influence. Then you take a 360 plus question psycological test. This will tell them if you are passive or agressive. Too passive you could fail to report wrong doings or even go along with a cover up. Too agressive you could take dangerous shortcuts or take sisks that might put you and others at risk. After the test they will be able to tell if you are honest or dishonest, a leader, follower or a loner and even if you are hungry for power. Now that is a long intro to a simple two part question. First do the police and military administer these psycological tests and secondly if they do, are they getting exactly who they are looking for.
    Help Wanted, looking for someone who would arrest his own grandmother and beat her into submission if necessary.
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    It all depends on, WHO determines the "If Necessary" question.... If it is the LEO, Him/Her-Self with no guidelines, No Good..... If it is the Politico running the Municipality, with No guidelines established No Good.... If it is a Commission, that has Citizen Elected Representatives, OR Politico appointed Citizen Representatives, that recommend Guidelines, with Politico Review, By the Chief Executive, and Legislative Branch, then SET as Policy, with Court Review for Constitutionality, then Good. You do want LEOs who would arrest their GrandMother, but the beating into submission, does NOT pass Constitutional Muster.... and should get the LEO indicted on Assault Charges. This is where, the Municipal Attorney, needs to have a "Double dose" of Common Sense, which I find, is a very Uncommon Occurrence.....
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    I was thinking on the line of using tests to find the right mentality to be the kind of leftist thugs need for marshal law. Any LEOs out there who know if law enforcement or military uses psycological tests before hiring.
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    In Commiefornia they always give LEO's a psyc test before your hired. I took a couple of them in the 90's and they are very extensive. The ones I took were 5+ hours and designed to wear you down to catch lies. A lot of the questions are repeated, just asked a different way in the beginning and again at the end. If you are lying on some of the questions you just have to remember how you answered it at the beginning of the test (not that I did that).

    I don't know what they are looking for with the current psyc tests, but I'm afraid they are looking for people that follow orders and don't question it. That is just my opinion from working security around the city police departments here. And of course one of the current police duties anymore is to generate revenue.
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