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    Comply, do not run, do not argue, do not move at all if possible. Hopefully you survive to sue their freakin stupid asses off in court for any mishandling or wounds inflicted in the encounter. Any other options unless you truly are superman have a much lower survival percentage. Of course, you have free will. You can do anything that floats your boat. YMMV however.
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    One of the first rules of gun safety is never point it at something you don't want to shoot and never put you finger on the trigger unless you intend to pull it. There are darned good reasons for that and in a stressful situation, I hope I never have to say "Oops". I don't know what happened or why, but there is a very useful lesson in this incident to those of us with concealed carry permits or a truck rifle. In a nerve wracking incident, it only takes a fraction of a second with out thinking it through to do something that you might regret the rest of your life and possibly do that regretting in prison. At least as a sworn police officer, he doesn't have to worry about threatening or brandishing a weapon. As I read it in the book, mearly lifting your shirt and showing them your weapon can get you in court if the sheeple pushes it.
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  4. Meat

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    Well when dozens of Pigs respond to a volatile situation you're bound to get a few knuckleheads in the mix. Maybe all of them. Pow pow pow!
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    When fist responder's arrive to a situation, they are full of adrenaline, don't know who is who or what the overall story is. They just know that they are needed to keep the peace (do their job). Their head is on a swivel and very intent on seeing and hearing everything..... you make a stupid move, you get hammered... just the way it is. If you comply, are courteous, show your hands at all times and talk respectfully as you would wish to be talked to.... things will be easy peasy (know your rights). Act like a jerk, flail your arms around and overall not complying to the norms of societal communication with another human, all bets are off.

    And just my opinion.... the anti LEO, Pig thing is garbage. There are mostly good LEO's around this nation... and there are a few bad apples that make the job harder for the rest. There is nothing wrong with law and order in a society...... unless you prescribe to the anarchist/burn the world philosophy. Without good LEO's serving their communities, nobody would be safe....nobody.
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    Yard dart, I mostly agree with you here except for the LEO thing. Policemen used to be members of the community, their job was to protect and serve, in recent years, they have ,militarized and became LEOs instead of policemen. The concept of the thin blue line has done nothing but create greater separation from this community. We just do not need LEOs, we need policemen, like firefighters and EMTs, part of the community that works to make our lives safer, not to "Enforce" laws.
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    I agree with that sentiment @Seacowboys !! The militarization of the police forces across the country has created a separation from the community, which has created many of today's issues. How do we reverse that trend..... not sure, without a complete reset.

    My post above more reflected my distaste for the Pig comment.... since that is just a continuation of the anti-cop language of the day, which just adds fuel to the fire that we are watching in our daily news.....
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    #1 - They are afraid.
    #2 - They have been brainwashed into thinking they are soldiers, and you are the enemy.
    #3 - No sudden moves on your part, comply with their commands to relieve their stress levels, have both hands visible outside the car window with all appropriate papers ready for inspection. Keep hands outside window in full view, don't retract back into vehicle.
    #4 - learn to keep your wallet with DL, etc, within easy reach, NOT in your back pocket - KABOOM.
  9. Cruisin Sloth

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    Friggin hell-hole you folks live in !!!
    I've been there & work there .
    The poor gent who was shot in the leg as he was protecting the mentally disturbed / touched man did the right thing 100% .
    The Stupid LEO shot the Touched gent but forgot about drop over distance 2.3 feet tall and he was 100' plus from the vids I saw .

    Rethink this , cuz your missing it if you really know firearms .
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  10. Meat

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    These idiots used to only make security guard. Now they're the top recruits. Watch yourself or you could be next. [afro]
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  11. Bandit99

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    I haven't been stopped yet since I returned stateside (knock on wood 3x!) but seems one should ensure their hands are on the steering wheel in plain sight and they don't move until you are told to produce your DL and registration. At that point, I would say, "My license is in my XXX may I get it?" After handing that to him, I would again put my hands on the steering wheel and request permission to reach for the registration in the glove box even though he has obvious already told me to do so.

    I have already decided that should I be stopped I am NOT telling him I am armed unless he has me step out of the car. I would then inform him that I am licensed and armed and would prefer if HE removed my firearm and then I would assume the position without being asked.

    I do believe there is something to what @Seacowboys said about 'LEO vs Police Officers but let's face it - they are very vulnerable and most larger cities now are cesspools but, like any profession, there are also just bad cops. What did Lincoln say something like "if you want to test a man's character give him authority" or something like that...

    Idaho now is Constitutional carry so I would ASSUME that the police now see every person they stop as carrying a firearm. I am wondering if they will ask you?

    Anyway, my defense is to comply and even more, not to move until I get approval each time I do so. If he/she doesn't like it then tough but I am complying.
  12. Seepalaces

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    The problem is that with a society as diverse as the US is, you can't have big government. There are so many ridiculous laws now, anyone can put you in jail, just because. Now, we all have to hide from authorities who most likely want to protect us, but are just as terrified of us as we are of them. Notice how the rhetoric of the left contains panic? That's because they are only now starting to fear what a GOP president might mean for them. If you love that giant, intrusive government, just imagine how much you're going to love it in the hands of the people you disagree with.
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    If I am stopped, the first thing I want to do is reduce that officer's stress level. If it's night, I'm turning on the dome light and keeping both hands on the wheel. If I am carrying, I will inform him immediately, and ask him what he wants me to do, then do it exactly like he says. Should be common sense, which isn't common anymore.
  14. VisuTrac

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    Seriously, how about just being alert and not winding up in the situation where the police or other authorities are going to be present.
    I.e. avoid large crowds demonstrating, places were looting is taking place, speeding down the two lane, leaving the bar at 2am, basically any situation where you are going to get a second look.

    two words. Gray Man
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    The problem YD is that young people who become police officers with all the good intentions in the world are taught now in their POST training that their #1 priority is not to protect the citizens, but to protect themselves from any possible harm...even if that means killing said citizens.
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    Well If im driving my USA car , I don't friggin move on a pull over (happened once ) my Canada plated car , no problem , just pull out all the paper stuff & is ready , cop said , Hands on the wheel , I said , paper on the dash , power window coming down , canadian dude !!! & act like were going to have nice words , he watched as the window came down & he got all my papers . came back and said speeding , I said ya I 40 in a 60 ? man I need to relearn old math again in USA . he also said , i was leading a train of followers , I said they were tailgaters after my maple syrup.
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    140 kms /60 mph
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    I watch Cops when I need a laugh. The cameraman usually runs down the perp. [afro]
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  19. Tempstar

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    The hiring of type A personalities for law enforcement was a concept started in the late 80's, and has continued since even though it has been determined to not be a factor in a successful police officer. For those who do not know, Type A in this context is an individual who takes charge, enforces without negotiation, and follows orders without personal interpretation. In my words, a mindless bully. This is clearly evident in recent times as we see officers draw their weapons more and more rather than attempting to verbally diffuse situations, or for that matter to even determine what is really going on. The current strategy is to arrest first and determine the cause later.
  20. chimo

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    My great grandaddy was a cop, my daddy was a cop, my godfather was a cop, my brother was a cop, I was a cop, two of my nephews are cops. I can't speak for my great grandaddy because he died in the line of duty before I was born, but the rest of us never really had a problem with "pig" and we even have some nice t-shirts and pins and stuff that have fun with the term. People have always considered cops to be above the law...so "some pigs are more equal than others" seemed perfectly appropriate. ;-)

    Ironically, we can say pig here...but we can't say the n-word. They're all just words...they can't hurt you...and it really ticks people who try to use them to do so when you just laugh it off and give back as good as you get.
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