Police Tasered Christian Slater off roof at Paris Hilton's H

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    Paris Hilton's Hollywood Halloween party was interrupted this weekend when actor Christian Slater fell off a neighbor's rooftop after he was allegedly Tasered by Los Angeles police officers.

    Slater, who was reportedly intoxicated, climbed to the roof after neighbors complained to police about excessive noise from the party. The New York Post reported that officers used a Taser stun gun on the actor when he refused to come down.

    The LAPD denied using force against Slater and said the actor fell of his own accord, according to the paper. No arrests were made.

    A judge ruled in September that Slater must stay on good behavior for six months following the dismissal of charges that he groped a woman in New York earlier this year.

    Although Christian Slater's attorney Eric Franz would not comment on the accuracy of the allegations, he said it's "incredibly unlikely" that the actor's weekend conduct will influence that case.

    "I don't think attending a party at Ms. Hilton's house will have any effect on his case," Franz said. "I don't think Mr. Slater has anything to worry about."

    A spokeswoman from the Manhattan district attorney's press office said that whether the weekend behavior will affect his previous case is a matter strictly "up to the judge."

    Slater was arrested May 31, 2005, just before 2 a.m. for allegedly "grabbing the buttocks" of a woman on New York City's Upper East Side. Slater, his girlfriend and a cab driver reportedly were arguing outside a deli when the unnamed woman walked by after buying a soda.

    According to court documents, police claimed Slater was "gratifying [his] sexual desire, in that [he] did grab and squeeze [her] buttocks with [his] hands."

    But Judge Shawndya Simpson dro pped the misdemeanor sexual abuse and forcible touching charges in September.

    "It's a very nice and valid judgment on their part," Slater told Courttv.com after the hearing. "I'm very happy."
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