Polish President's death in plane crash...conspiracy

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    Fox reports that this death was ruled an accident due to a drunk Polish President.

    Here's a video that was released that says otherwise. I cannot prove/disprove the validity of the video, so make your own judgement. It is also said that the person who captured the video was assassinated.
    YouTube - Polish plane crash Close up of gunmen - English version
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    Hrm. I might look into this, but corruption in that region is nothing new.
  3. UGRev

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    My neighbor translated the video for me. The translation in the video is accurate. For the record, my neighbor is Ukrainian and speaks Russian as well.
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    It's really grainy and hard to tell. Being that grainy, could have anything added to it. The gunshots were pretty clear. Maybe it was first repsonders/ police trying to keep people back? Perhaps the biggest question to answer is this- if any survivors were "executed", why was this not brought up when the bodies were delivered to Poland?

    The landing gear is clearly visible- lends to the story of it crashing while attempting landing.
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    As the "evil twin" who fights along side the U.S. for the all-out land grab, I have to say that it sparks my interest since Russia was most likely involved somehow. Thank you, Russians! - Tygodnik Powszechny - Onet.pl - 12.04.2010

    I found this quite interesting:

    The corporate media loves to bash the people when they question the official story, that's for sure...

    link: Polish president killed in plane crash: the conspiracy theorists will go crazy – Telegraph Blogs

    I am still researching...
  6. Brokor

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    LINK: Polish President Plane Crash Conspiracy

    We are going to have to wait for more evidence to surface, I am afraid. That video you linked will be most helpful, though. I can clearly hear gunshots -however, some will claim that was filtered into the video, so only after it is properly analyzed can it really be evidence if it continues to stand alone.

    Even still, I am quite certain that more information will present itself. In particular, the way Russia and Putin handle this situation.
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    Looking over the past history, I came across some facts that spurred my memory. I recall the defense shield that was taken quite seriously by Russia during the Bush administration.
    LINK: VIDEO: Famed Polish leader implies Russia behind the airline disaster - National Conservative | Examiner.com

    Missile shield:

    Russia raises stakes over US plan for missile shield - Europe, World - The Independent
    Russia raises stakes over US plan for missile shield

    By Stephen Castle, Europe Correspondent

    Tuesday, 20 February 2007

    Poland and the Czech Republic have been warned that they risk becoming Russian military targets if they go ahead with plans to host bases for a US missile defence shield.
    The threat from Moscow, which is vehemently opposed to the American plan, promises to deal further damage to relations between Russia and former Soviet satellite states in eastern Europe, particularly Poland. It has also provoked alarm in several European capitals which fear Moscow may adopt a more aggressive stance in dealings with the EU.
    Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has already said he does not trust US claims that the deployment of missile defence systems in Europe is intended to counter threats from rogue states such as Iran.
    Russia's missile forces chief, Colonel-General Nikolai Solovtsov, said yesterday that to proceed with the move would upset strategic stability. He added that Moscow's "strategic missile forces will be capable of targeting these facilities if a relevant decision is made".
    The comments coincided with the clearest indication yet that the Czechs and Poles will come out in favour of hosting the US missile shield, which is designed to repel ballistic missile attacks launched by hostile nations or terrorists.
    The US has insisted that the European arm of the shield is for defence against Iran. Bases at Fort Greely in Alaska and Vandenberg in California would protect the US from threats from North Korea.
    Under the proposals Poland would host up to 10 ground-based ballistic rockets while the Czech Republic would have an advanced radar system to track missiles. Moscow has threatened to retaliate by installing medium-range ballistic missiles in a region neighbouring Poland.
    Speaking in Warsaw the Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Topolanek, who has already supported the idea of hosting the US bases, said: "We've come to the conclusion that both countries will probably answer in the affirmative." That sentiment appeared to be echoed by his Polish counterpart, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who said the anti-missile system "is not aimed against Russia in any way". Suggestions that the system would change the alignment of forces in Europe were a misunderstanding, he said. "This truth is being conveyed to our partners in the west and the east."
    That sentiment has not convinced opinion-formers in other European capitals who are alarmed at the Polish and Czech decisions to side with Washington. "It is a national decision that has European implications," one European diplomat said, adding it illustrated a lack of European commitment in Warsaw and its instinctive support for US policy.
    Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Foreign Minister of Germany, which holds the EU presidency, criticised the US in an interview with the Handelsblatt newspaper, saying it should have discussed its defence plans with Russia before making the proposals to Poland and the Czech Republic.
    Public opinion is divided on the issue in eastern Europe and Mr Topolanek may struggle to get parliamentary approval for Czech participation. Fifty-five per cent of Poles oppose the plans, according to a survey for the Warsaw-based Centre for Public Research.
    However, the idea of siding with the US on defence issues and standing up to Russia is deeply ingrained in the politics of Poland and the Czech Republic. Relations between Moscow and Warsaw are poor, and Poland's ruling Law and Justice Party has campaigned on a nationalist platform, promising to be tough in negotiations with Russia.
    Poles have been alarmed by Moscow's apparent use of its energy supplies as a political tool and by plans to build a pipeline under the Baltic linking Russia with Germany. Tensions have been exacerbated by trade disputes, in particular Russia's refusal to accept meat from Poland.


    There is always a political angle, and it involves Russia/U.S. policy to control a region. The cold war never really ended, it was just re-organized. I will keep doing more research.
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    A little bit longer footage with some high quality rendering of the same video posted earlier...

    YouTube - Katastrofa samolotu w Smole

    I took special notice of the man on the ground who was clearly alive in the wreckage. Again, the "gunshots" are quite clear, but the men in the background don't appear to be rescue workers...

    YouTube - First on-site video of plane crash that killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski 123Channels.com

    Notice the firefighters and rescue workers in the video being reported as the "first on-site footage".

    Something smells.

    The video below is the one with the best sound that I found. Also take special note of the various (opinions) and interpretations of the audio on the video comment section:

    YouTube - First on-site video of plane crash that killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski

    Rev, do you think it is possible you can get your neighbor to crank up the volume with earphones and try to distinguish what is being said early on in the video?
  9. UGRev

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    Next time I see him and he has the time, I will. His sister just got married and he moved out to make room for her husband.
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    Polish plane crash

    To be honest, I think the Polish news video shows a much bigger plane that is positioned differently. The wreckage and the colors of the plane are not the same in these videos. I think the footage in the woods with the gunshots must be of a different plane--not the one that carried the Polish president.

  11. Brokor

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    No, it's the same plane.
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