Polite Canadian robber hits 29th bank in 4 months

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    TORONTO (Reuters) - A Canadian bank robber, who politely presents a hold-up note on a recipe card, has hit 29 banks in four months, police said on Thursday.

    The unidentified man is the main suspect behind two bank heists in Toronto on Wednesday and 27 other robberies in the region since August.

    The suspect waits his turn in line and, once at the teller, quietly makes his intentions known on a recipe card. He has never shown a gun.

    The clean-shaven robber, who looks around 30 years old, usually wears a baseball cap and sometimes sunglasses.

    "They're (the police) very confident something will happen shortly," said Toronto police spokeswoman Wendy Drummond. "They're pulling out all the stops here," she said.

    She said the new confidence stems from better views of the suspect on surveillance tapes of his latest robberies.

    Police declined to say how much money the man, dubbed the "Recipe Card Bandit" by media, has stolen in the robberies.

    The Canadian Bankers Association offered a reward of C$10,000 (4,826 pounds) for information leading to an arrest, a move only used twice in the past six years.
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