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    is causing runaway inflation here that we are trying to export to pay for our oil habit. That in turn, is leading, ever more quickly now, to our dollar being rejected and replaced by the Euro. As this dollar repudiation happens, our interest rates though our Federal/ Treasury security auctions must rise for us to auction of our federal debt notes, which, in turn is going to raise our interest rates here [cow]wiping out, us, the small people who make the nation function.

    Not one damn lying politician is going to be held accountable but the IRS is going to be used to collect the ever increasing taxes promised by the Marxist-Socialist traitors .

    I am too damn old and too experienced in the lies and horse feathers we are being fed to think that government has a clue of how to solve the problem when, in point of fact, they are the damn problem!!!
    We are going to survive only if we know what is headed our way, ever increasing food and fuel prices, ever diminishing dollars and ever increasing regulations until we, as a nation "fly in ever decreasing circles trying to fly up our own butt trying to hide from reality and responsibility".
    [smsh] IMHO, it is time to invest in real money, real food and real protgection as real troubles are on the horizon. CYA!!!! Overbore
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    Our near future is going to become very interesting, hopefuly those lying politicans and their underling henchman will be held accountable, but we also have to hold accountable the sheeple who put them there also. This is not going to be easy, and the chances our overwhelmingly against us, but the only other choice we face is slavery and /or death.
    We may not be able to restore all 50 States to a true Constitutional Reblublic. Maybe we can restore a few of them, but I am not holding my breath on this. If we are not sucessful, then the only consulation prize will be that history will look at the U.S. as the only Republic to last for more than 200 years.
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    A flipping Men, Sir. I am with you and think the core states that can be salvaged very well may be those that have "right to carry" laws as that may be indicative of a constitutional framework still in place in that state such as Georgia, Florida, Texas. We bailed out or California in 1970 as it was the "land of fruits and nuts" back then. After 10 years active including Nam, those local bastard bureaucrats wanted to harass me for not registering for the draft!!! Told them_____ themselves!!!

    I am deeply saddened in my constitutional core to see the socialist drivel leading to Marxism that is the only logical conclusion to the trends the politicians are on. A review of Robbin Hood may be in order as the weak spot of the fiscal tyrrany headed our way is the Treasury Department/IRS. If they are neutered and can not confiscate our earnings, that Draconian Dragon will not have the ability to feed the socialist programs that are not provided for in our Constitution.

    Ideas??? Cordially, Overbore
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    Just wait until we have to pay for everyones health care!

    Hmm Ideas... (not in any order)
    1. get Ron Paul elected, or get like minded folks elected to congress
    2. open revolt, peaceful and/or violent, maybe a national strike??
    3. move to another country
    4. Self sufficiency
    5. get incarcerated for life
    6. die

    oh and wasn't it like only 10% of the population that joined in the revolution against England?

    Self sufficiency is freedom, I just hope they don't make that illegal.
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    Everyone move to Washington or Oregon. Lotsa game and lots of open tract to get lost in.
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    Well-- if a national crisis is declared, "they" can take your supplies as it will be against the law to "hoard".. Overbore
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    Not only that but they are already trying to make self sufficency illegal. Thats the biggest reason for the animal ID act. It makes it so that basicly ANY edible critter or beast of burden must be heavily taxed and tracked from birth to butchering along with reporting anytime it leaves the property or is transfered. It will basicly make it cost prohibitive for folks to grow their own meat/eggs/dairy but allows large 'corperate' type producers to use one tag and reporting for entire heards. Sort of like thegun controle act of 1938 (IIRC) did for class III weapons, tax them out of reach for the average person and make regulation of them so strict that even if you can afford it most would choose to avoid the hassels.

    If it gets implemented without major problems you can pretty well bet that a 'soil preservation' bill will be in the works to make it harder or impossible for individuals to have gardens for themselves will come down the pike next. They aint so stupid as to not know that a people is a LOT easier to controle if you can controle their access to food and make them dependent on you to meet their needs.
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    Did you see the paper this morning? The govt et al has decided that since there's a shortage of food, maybe we should start officially using GM foods! Monsanto is partying tonight, guys. They hold (most of) the patents on seed molecules - i.e. if you don't sign the contracts they demand, you get no seed. The seed does not reproduce naturally so you are, in essence, a slave to the patent holder if you want to grow anything. And I don't give a fat rat's ass what the FDA says, there has been no legitimate (as in non-Monsanto/Agri-Bus produced) research showing that GM produces mid- or long-term safe food products.

    A friend has labelled me an anarchist. I beg to differ. I prefer to use a gaming term - Chaotic Good alignment. CG follows the rules as long as the rules make sense and serve for the good of all not just the select few.
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    LMAO chaotic good, I'll have to bust out my dungeon masters guide. Yep I would call myself the same.

    Chaotic Good, To the Chaotic good individual, freedom and independence are as important to life and happiness. The ethos views this freedom as the only means by which each creature can achieve true satisfaction and happiness. Law, order, social forms and anything else which tends to restrict or abridge individual freedom is wrong, and each individual is capable of achieving self-realization and prosperity through him, her or itself.
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    There are times when you have to create "Chaos" to restore order.
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    "Chaotic good :) " I'll do my best to follow applicable laws until they get completely outof hand.GM or taxed food gardening?GM "patented food"seeds scare me thats just crazy enough for a bunch of city bound( food comes from the gov market! Why would anybody get their food from the dirt??")kinda folks to pass into law.
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    Actually GM seed reproduces fine-you have to sign a contract to turn it all over because they own the patents. Before all this GM crap you would plant your field to beans or corn, harvest it, and save part of it for seed to replant the next year. So you only had to buy your seed once. Since Monsanto owns the patent on it, and you aren ot allowed to keep any of it for seed, you have to buy it year after year after year. They took a farmer to court here for keeping seed from his roundup bean crop to replant and he was sentenced to a year in jail and a hefty fine.
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