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    Not for the faint of heart


    One of the best gun blogs I found, but never ventured into the Political Threads. I thought most 2nd Amendment types were conservative.
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    Always amazes me how some liberal white-guy is always waiting to pounce on anyone that appreciates a little race humor. Get over it! They act like they never listen to negro comedians; now there is a double-standard. BTW, African-American is a national or regional-origin, not a race, and I am sure there is a lot of South Africans that would take offense at this if they gave a damn, but they don't because it's stupid to keep whipping that dead-mule. And like it or not, there are other genetic and cultural differences besides skin pigmentation just like there are breed differences between Dobermans and Sheep-dogs; ain't saying one is superior to another, just that they are different and it seems like aside from Jesse and his like, most of the people that get upset about race issues are white people wanting to show just how damned liberal they are.
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    Just visited the above page, and what I read was nothing but a Left/Right B&#$H slap session. Both sides blaming each other , and not a single one of them had a single idea for a solution to this mess that we are now in. Even though our economy is to far gone to save.

    The social programs from the liberal left and the corporate globalism from the neocon right is why we are facing the next great depression.

    What we need to do is find ways to keep the true "Free Market" truly free after TSHTF. This is where the local communitie/economy will come into play.
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