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    It is all the rage now days and folks really think it is something new and exciting :) This is how I have made my bacon for as long as I can remember and how it was handed down from one generation to another in my line to make bacon. Course it is not cured, just brined for a week and then heavily smoked. Can use it as a sliced roast or slice thin or thick and fry it up crispy that is as good or better than any pink salt injected cured bacon :) Can also season it however you want for some flavors that range from outright weird to tasting like traditional bacon. Pasture and woodlot raised hogs that have more muscle than fat in the belly work best......... but you don't want totally lean :)

    My basic recipe. Brine it in salt water, I use 2 pounds of salt per 5 gallon FOOD GRADE bucket. (Don't use that empty 5 gallon oil bucket ;) ) Put the lid on tight and set it in the corner of the cooler or in a refrigerator for 7-10 days. Take it out and rub whatever seasoning trips yer trigger on the meat side. Roll it up tight and tie it every couple of inches with butchers twine. Insert in the smoke of your choice that can maintain a even 150-160 degrees. I start out with a hot fire to get it started and run it 2 hours at 250-260 degrees, then drop the heat back to 150-160 for 14-16 hours. For smoking wood I use Hickory, pecan, Apple, Peach or A member of the white oak family, each wood gives its own unique flavor. For slicing into bacon I take out and refrigerate over night, Cold works much better on a slicer ;) Then simply fry it like you would bacon.

    For a roast I skip the brining and just season and roll it up and run the smoker at 275 degrees for 2-3 hours or until the internal temp is running 165 degrees and then drop the smoker temp down to 180 and really put the smoke to it for another hour and serve sliced and hot right out of the smoker.




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    I'll have to give this a shot. Looks great. (y)
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    Oh, YEA! That's pretty much how we always did it. Grand Mom would always add a few cups of Black Strap Molasses during the smoking and would baste it from the drippings pan, gave it a kind of sweet complexity that really brought out the flavors. spices were pretty basic, she had a home made blend she would use and it was slightly spicy and semi sweet! We have done it in Maple and honey at times, but the Molasses really is the favorite for us! Some times she would do a brisket at the same time, man, that Brisket was really something!
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    I would eat that.
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    I don't have much of a sweet tooth...... Until it comes to good sorghum molasses :) Then I am 50/50 split on it when it comes to pork. Just a matter of personal taste really. LOL From the pic I obviously prefer onion and garlic ;)
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    This makes almost a candied Bark on the meat, it's a lot like a really good BBQ bark, crunchy, slightly sweet, smokey, and a touch spicy!
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    A number of years ago, I did the pork belly at camp. Smoked high above a kiawe fire with just a simple dry rub I made. After it was cooked through, I sliced it and seared it over the hot coals.

    Had the little monkey come and taste test. She kept taste testing then called her friends over and they ate it all. Lucky that was just the appetizer to the main meal. Sheesh. I got to taste though and it was really good.
  8. Ura-Ki

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    I learned long ago, always hold back enough for my self, prevents those hungry kids and other hangers on from eating all the goodness! Lucky Dutch Ovens have heavy and often smokin hot lids! LOL
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    I usually make enough for leftovers. Except those ravenous creatures started in on the pork belly before the meal was ready, so that went first. I was happy to have some though.
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    very nice i think i'm going to give your receipt to my husband he's the smoker in this house
  11. Zimmy

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    That's pretty much how we did it.

    There was brown sugar, mustard seed, and coriander also in the brine if I remember right
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    There are as many recipes as there are people cooking it :) I prefer the less sweet garlic, onion and hickory smoke myself with a few sage leafs rolled in. Been curing different flavors of bacon the last few weeks. Most dry cured but some wet and pump cured . Just like the rolled belly the flavors are limited only by ones imagination and a little practice in getting it right = some tasty Bacon that Even Izzapoo Loves :) DSC00452.JPG DSC00453.JPG DSC00454.JPG DSC00455.JPG DSC00456.JPG DSC00457.JPG DSC00458.JPG DSC00459.JPG DSC00460.JPG DSC00461.JPG DSC00462.JPG DSC00463.JPG DSC00464.JPG DSC00465.JPG DSC00466.JPG love poo.
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    Important thing in dry curing or wet curing for that matter is the longer in the salt or brine the more salty the end product will be. Osmosis is a powerful thing ;) And nope I don't use pink salt (Saltpeter) for the most part. I highly suggest novices at curing use one of the pre mixed cures and follow the directions to the letter. The last thing you want is a case of botulism from yer first attempt at curing bacon, ham, back bacon etc. ;)

    And just a technical difference but cured pork as the slices on my griddle are "Salt Pork" those had not been cold smoked yet. Once it it is smoked then it is officially Bacon. Just as a extra precaution after 24 hours of cold smoking I raise the smoker temp to 150ish and hold it there until the internal temp hit 145 and hold it at 145 for 20 minutes to finish it off before vac packing it and tossing it in the freezer. I do mine in 5 pound chunks for side and belly just because my Vac Sleeves fit those near perfect.
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