Port Arthur Massacre

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    a perfect example of a down under FALSE FLAG now the people there are forced to endure more government high handed ways
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    It should be noted that it was a conservative Prime Minister and Cabinet (Australian Liberal National Partey) that exploited the Port Arthur massacre to introduce restrictive firearms legislation for cynical political purposes. The massacre was not a false flag...it was perpetrated by a psychotic individual for his own purposes rather than as a conspirator / agent provocateur to fulfill some nefarious clandestine plot by the government to disarm Australian citizens. It was a serendipidous event that offered a poltical opprtunity to be exploited by the conservative government of the day. Had a politically "liberal" (Australian Labor Party) been in government...I doubt whether the outcome would have been any different.

    Governments will do just about anything to achieve enough electoral popularity to get their government over the line at an election and into office, even if it means compromising on traditional policy and sacrificing some traditional (though electorally insignificant) constituencies.
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