Portable Solar Generator, LED's and more

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Moontree Ranch, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Moontree Ranch

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    I set this up a few weeks ago, I had built a smaller unit to charge the laptop that is strictly DC. This one has a 300 watt inverter.


    Here is the write up on the laptop charger


    For our Bug out cabin. I set up a 12volt light system, one 80w att panel ($269), 110ah battery ($210), charge controler etc. For light I modified some halogen can lights to use 12 volt LEDs I can light the whole place with less than 40 watts

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    More (perhaps) interesting is the source for the components. With that (and costs) we can determine if these things are practical. (Up here on the hill, input solar flux is pretty scarce in winter, thus solar may not be the best option for me.)
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    Solar panel 80 watt from Solar Blvd www.solarblvd.com

    110 ah battery (agm) from Powerhouse Battery the 205 was with shipping

    cabin inverter from the inverter store www.theinverterstore.com

    charge controller from ecodirect

    The small panels i used for the portable station i got on ebay...they are small and easy to ship...about $80

    Moontree Ranch
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    Hey Moontree -

    I like your photography! I've got an old D70 that needs to get upgraded soon, but I'd rather get another rifle :^)
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    I just picked up my first firearm...1851 Colt Navy Muzzleloading revolver...hey I just a mtn. man at heart
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    Nice pics M/R welcome, and nice bug out spot! I built a 12/24 volt charger with parts from a re-chargeable lawn mower. It has a nice but large 24 volt battery, and your case is a great idea. I'll add the solar panel to it, and charge it with an inverter off my Jeep. I can pull it out of the attic, and drive off with it if necessary. Nice revolver, now you need a good rifle.
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    Check joule thief...make it and test it with your solar panels...
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    My worst area of lack of preparation is power supply. I have three generators and a portable welder/w power but they are dependent on gasoline and parts. Also have an on-demand generator for a vehicle. At our spring gathering MJAngier brought his bug out trailer that had solar panels. He set up and could run his short wave and other goodies from it. It even has a solar shower installed. If you can make it to Rockingham, NC in Oct he will have it there for the fall gathering.
  9. bnmb

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    While you can't make solar power cells in SHTF situations, you can make your own wind power system...Imagine just all those cars dead on the road...lots of alternators. I have a LOTS of all sorts of books,even for wind power generation...If allowed I could upload some...
  10. UrbanMan

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    I have a portable solar package that consists of a folding 62w solar panel and charge controller (Maxavision). I have a couple CR2590 batteries that I can charge then in turn charge or power anything with a cigerette plug like a AAA/AA battery charger. Everything fits in my BOB.

    I can also charge 12v vehicle batteries then power a converter for some power tools, although I have a good set of battery powered tools.
    I wrote about the solar power kit it here.

    Also placed four solar powered motion detecting lights around my house, installed with wing nuts for fast and easy removal so I can take them with me when I Bug Out.

    Looking into a small wind powered generator.

  11. Nadja

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    You may want to consider wind power with a back-up of 4 or so solar panels. I use a combo of both and just keep increasing them as I can
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