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    I bought this solar charger last week. It was an Amazon Lightning Deal.

    The deal was a solar charger for $14.95. I thought why not. It is a small charger that came with a clip so I could hook it to my backpack. When it arrived, it looked like the box had already been opened but I decided to try it out. The charger came half-way charged and I hooked my phone to it. My phone went up 10% before the charger was out of juice. Since then I have been unable to get the unit charged past the first bar. I have had it out in full sun for 2 days and nothing. I checked to make sure the light was not on.

    I am declaring the Dizaul Solar Charger to be junk. I will be sending it back. The regular price is $23.95. I like the compact size but this is garbage. Since the package looked like this was a returned item, I think someone else found out it was not worth spending money on also.

    Solar charger #2



    I bought this portable in February. It was under $30 and is no longer offered on Amazon. The closest to it is this one by the same manufacturer.

    This solar panels charger is great. I love how it folds up to the size of a thick cell phone. The light is bright and big enough to actually act like a flashlight. It does take sometime to charge the battery but I threw it out on the lawn and it was at 3 bars after about 5 hours of full sun. Please note: this is an emergency cell phone charger, that is what I call it. Do not expect something like this to charge your dead cell phone 100% quickly. It will not. This is for giving your phone a small/half charge so you can make calls. It may have more of a capability but to-date the boys and I have just used it for a quick charge when we are not near power. I have a power pack that I use for full charges when out and about.

    For the price I paid, I am happy. It does what I wanted which was to be an emergency solar panel to charge phones. It is light and compact. This can be hooked to your backpack and be charged while hiking. I used to keep it in my car for just in case but the kid commandeered it and been happy with the unit.
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    Looks like the first unit was returned as defective by someone else. Instead of returning or discarding the unit, the vendor put it back on the shelf and sold it to the next buyer who came along - you in this case. I believe this kind of stuff happens often.
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