Posible Compensation For Stop Loss Service

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RouteClearance, Jun 2, 2008.

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    When I follow your link, I get this:

    The story you are looking for cannot be found.

    Perhaps that news was a little too good ;)? I hope you have it in writing :)
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    Don't know why the link won't go to the proper spot, but what is going on is Dem. Senator Frank Luatenberg has introduced a bill that if passed will compensate any servicemember who has been placed on stop loss since 911 $1,500.00 per month that the servicemember was on stop loss status. Granted this is only a bill and I am not getting my hopes up to high over this, but it is nice to hope a little. let's try this linkhttp://lautenberg.senate.gov/newsroom/record.cfm?id=298364
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    send it to Ron Paul???
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    Well, it has taken over two years, but I finally received notification from the DOD saying that I will receive $500.00 a month for the 15 months that I was kept past my EST date, but also well beyond my Military Service Obligation. Since I spent the entire 15 months while in theater, the entire amount will be tax free. It is not the original $1,500.00 a month that Sen. Lautenberg, but i shall not look the gift horse in the mouth so to speak, specially when the gift horse is TPTB. They said they will not pay for the three months that the Indiana Guard kept me after I redeployed.
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    It's insufficient. Take what you can get from them, but know you were underpaid and underappreciated by those clowns in Washington. You deserved and were worth much much more!
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