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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by ChrisNuttall, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Some years ago, I was permitted to write two novels set inJohn Ringo’s Posleen universe – one set in Britain and the other in the MiddleEast. With John’s kind permission, I’veposted the first one at Smashwords.


    They’re not my best work – I think I’ve got better over theyears. I do intend to return to theuniverse at one point, so any comments, suggestions and suchlike would be verywelcome. Reviews would be good too...[respect]

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    Chris, that was a great addition to my favorite book series. It was truly worthy of the series. Saw a few minor details that were departures from the orginial books but nothing major.
  3. ChrisNuttall

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    You're welcome. So are good reviews. ;)

  4. Gray Bear

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    Chris, I recently purchased your Patriotic Treason from Amazon for my Kindle. I liked it very much, so much that I just bought the second book.

    You have a gift, I hope you continue to write. Thanks for your efforts to date.
  5. ChrisNuttall

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    Thank you. Please review them on Amazon. It helps boost sales.

  6. DKR

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    I'll second that, books with few or no reviews suffer. Even one review is important...
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    Chris, thanx to yer story i been ReReading my Posleen book series. I Also stumbled over where you got the idea for this story. Page 118 bottom paragraph of "Watch On The Rhine" paperback book. It mentions England having stopped the Posleen at Hadrian's wall. :)
  8. ChrisNuttall

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    Yep. That's exactly where I got it.[bestpost]

  9. ChrisNuttall

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