Possible good news from BATFE

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by ghrit, May 23, 2017.

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    Less ambiguouity is a good thing.
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    Better yet, eliminate FOPA, GCA, and NFA...

    ...would save a bunch in the budget, too!
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    Sounds like the ATF is wanting to un burden it's self of the many useless, out dated, and ill conceived regulations imposed on it by the DOJ and other parties. Looking forward, it also looks to be on track to declassifying much if not most NFA regulated items as it's own findings and those combined from the FBI and other agencies supports these findings!
    Moving forward, they need to remove the distinction between Rifle and Pistol, and get rid of the SBR requirement all together, and to re instate importation of many other wise restricted arms that should otherwise not be restricted for reasons not clarified. An example would be Beretta and FN being largely the only importers of European Manufactured arms, instead of allowing others like HK , Mauser, Blazer, SAKO, Benelli, Franchi, and many others from being allowed direct access to the American markets which not only would open up a more competitive market here, but would also free us from price gouging that we currently experience. An example I personally have is Anschutz, I purchased two Rifles before the regulations went into effect, and the prices were comparable to other High end American manufactured offerings, Almost over night, Beretta raised the price to damn near triple because they were now the gate keeper, and we Americans got a royal screwing in the prosess. FOrget wanting to buy any thing from HK or Mauser!
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    I guess I have difficulty understanding the NFA in the present day. After all, now we have the NCIS system. When the NFA was placed into law, NCIS was just a day dream. Repeal of that would unburden the ATF exponentially.
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    Three and eight look good.

    3. Re-importation of Certain Department of Defense Surplus Firearms from Foreign
    Countries: The State Department and ATF have worked over the past several years with
    the Administration on requests for the importation of U.S. origin military firearms,
    ammunition, and parts that were once sent overseas to support allies. There are
    surplus rifles, pistols, ammunition, and other importable U.S. origin Curio and Relic
    (C&R) defense articles (including M1 Garand and Carbine rifles) and pistols (M1911)
    overseas awaiting importation authority. There is no clear public safety reason why
    taxpayer-funded US-origin C&R defense articles should be denied re-importation to the
    American public, while many non-U.S.- origin C&R items are approved. Additionally,
    these items do not represent any discernable public safety concern, as demand lies with
    collectors of vintage military firearms. Importation and sale through licensed dealers
    would effectively regulate the lawful transfer of these firearms through a licensee and a
    background check. Joint effort from the Administration, State Department, and ATF
    could easily reverse past decisions and allow for the safe and legal importation and sale
    of these historical and collectible items. Many M1 Garand rifles have been approved for
    importation in the past, setting precedence for this to occur. The more recent denials
    were in part due to perceived potential that they may be used in crimes, for which there
    is little, if any, evidence for such a concern.

    8. Silencers: Current Federal law requires ATF to regulate silencers under the NFA. This
    requires a Federal tax payment of $200 for transfers, ATF approval, and entry of the
    silencer into a national NFA database. In the past several years, opinions about silencers
    have changed across the United States. Their use to reduce noise at shooting ranges
    and applications within the sporting and hunting industry are now well recognized. At
    present, 42 states generally allow silencers to be used for sporting purposes. The wide
    acceptance of silencers and corresponding changes in state laws have created
    substantial demand across the country. This surge in demand has caused ATF to have a
    significant backlog on silencer applications. ATF’s processing time is now approximately
    8 months. ATF has devoted substantial resources in attempts to reduce processing
    times, spending over $1 million annually in overtime and temporary duty expenses, and
    dedicating over 33 additional full-time and contract positions since 2011 to support NFA
    processing. Despite these efforts, NFA processing times are widely viewed by applicants
    and the industry as far too long, resulting in numerous complaints to Congress. Since
    silencers account for the vast majority of NFA applications, the most direct way to
    reduce processing times is to reduce the number of silencer applications. In light of the
    expanding demand and acceptance of silencers, however, that volume is unlikely to
    diminish unless they are removed from the NFA. While DOJ and ATF have historically
    not supported removal of items from the NFA, the change in public acceptance of
    silencers arguably indicates that the reason for their inclusion in the NFA is archaic and
    historical reluctance to removing them from the NFA should be reevaluated. ATF’s
    experience with the criminal use of silencers also supports reassessing their inclusion in
    the NFA. On average in the past 10 years, ATF has only recommended 44 defendants a
    year for prosecution on silencer-related violations; of those, only approximately 6 of the
    defendants had prior felony convictions. Moreover, consistent with this low number of
    prosecution referrals, silencers are very rarely used in criminal shootings. Given the lack
    of criminality associated with silencers, it is reasonable to conclude that they should not
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    I like the "topics of further discussion/study" with several NFA items effected that never should have been on that list!
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    Just think of all they drive by shootings and bayonetings that will take place when these garand rifles hit the streets.
    Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang-clang then the bayoneting starts...
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