possible nutbag shooter on Houston, TX campus

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    Texas campus issues alert amid reports of shooter | www.wsbtv.com

    The Associated Press
    A Houston-area community college went into lockdown Tuesday afternoon amid reports of a shooter on campus.
    Lone Star College System issued an alert on its website Tuesday telling students and faculty on its Houston-area campus in north Harris County to take immediate shelter or avoid the campus. College spokesman Jed Young said it had received reports of a shooter.
    Aerial footage from local television stations showed police cars and ambulances parked on the campus, emergency personnel attending to people on stretchers and at least one person being put into an ambulance. Other people could be seen running from a building led by officers.
    The Harris County Sheriff's Office had no immediate details.
    The Lone Star College System has an enrollment of 90,000 students and six college campuses, according to its website. Its North Harris campus is about 20 miles north of downtown Houston.
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    Last I knew all of those had Guards on site.

    Let's hope they had one that had a gun and could shoot.
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    Concealed carry bill and a means to arm teachers FAILED for on-campus in Austin and throughout Texas campuses. Perhaps now they can be swayed to no longer create killing zones.

    Looks like we will find out more on this as it develops.

    My own take so far? If this turns out to be some gang-banger fight (I noticed a lot of ebonic speaking types) then the media will black this out and just acquire amnesia. Judging by the fact they have not reported on multiple deaths and focused on that, it may just have been personal. We shall see.
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    Community college, could be gang related. I read some local reports and the students they interviewed didn't sound very smart. I really don't want to put people down but don't people speak clearly anymore?

    BTW- Cato I couldn't help but laugh... I think this is thread #? titled: nutbag shooter. Shooting isn't funny but your titles are.
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    Perhaps I should explain: The way I figure it, only a *nutbag* (and by that, I mean someone who 'aint right in the head--haven't they all been liberals so far?), would go off and shoot a bunch of people for no reason. I don't think a normal person would shoot anyone unless they were protecting themselves or someone else. You shoot bad guys...period, not random sheeple.
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    I now, right? I was watching the live feed for a bit, and the people they were interviewing kept calling the place where books are kept, a "Lye Berry".

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    This Obummers idea of Educating the Masses..... and look who was the FIRST Politico interviewed.... That Loudmouth S. Jackson Lee, and this place is in here District.... it will be interesting to see if these two Yahoos were even students, and WHO is paying there Tuition.... I will put Money, on Pell Grants, and .Gov backed Student Loans.... if they are Students.... I wonder if this place is a "Gun Free Zone" if NOT then both these Boozos need to finish their education in a Texas GrayBar Hotel....
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    Yup, just a fight which turned into a shootout.

    Texas official: 3 wounded in college shooting
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    OK....I amend my subject line to: "definite @$$hole shooter on Houston TX campus"
  11. BTPost

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    This another of Obammie's "Gun Free Zones" what a Cluster F**K.....
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