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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Experience led me to expect the call I received tonight from my oldest granddaughter who graduated in May with a degree in Social Work but is currently working the summer season at the 1611 Inn and The Narragansett Inn on Block Island but is thinking of leaving the job. She called for advice and the shoulder she know is always there for her. She's upset that she's working 50 - 60 hours a week but her take home pay is soooo much less than she thought it should be. I calculated everything and it's right where it should be - no shady tricks by the employer. My little miss has confronted TAXES. After they deduct taxes and her $75 per week room fee, she feels like she's working for nothing. Of course, this led to a lecture from me on the importance of paying attention to candidates and government spending. Never miss an opportunity to educate young people about waste in government.

    She's also upset that there is mildew everywhere; on the walls in her room, in the bathrooms, in her cloths. As I explained, mildew is a fact of life on an island, in the summer.

    She's having headaches that she thinks is related to the mold and combined with what she considers low income for a college grad, she's thinking of leaving the job. I suggested she speak with her employer to see what options are available and lacking room options, what do they use to handle the mildew. Reality time for my little miss as Grammy asks "What other jobs are available right now and where will you live?"

    I gave her some practical advice and the agreement we would talk after she speaks with her employer.

    What she doesn't know and I didn't have the heart to tell her is that the problems she is having at this time in her life are nothing compared to those she will deal with in the future when she has real responsibilities.

    I do love it when they come to me for advice
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    Military is hiring and they have a student loan repayment benefit for enlisted. Also free room and board for a while!
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    Somehow I don't think she would go for that - she disliked going on survival weekends with her brother and I because she couldn't bring her hairdryer LOL
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    Problem with a degree in social work, Unless one has a masters degree there is not much work for them.. Just one of the realities of life for a collage grad..
    Remember NASA doctorates flipping burgers at McDonalds back in the seventies.

    Nice when they come to you for advice, Mine knows what I will say, so they do not come to me..
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    She wants to go to grad school but I convinced her to work in her field for at least a year before we make the investment. Her chosen field of social work points to her concern for her fellow man and her desire to help them but it is not a field that will give her a lot of days when she will go home feeling great satisfaction. She will encounter more people who are looking for someone to solve their problems than ones who will actively participate in the solutions. Before spending a lot of money I grad school, I want her to make sure it is what she wants to do. College course work may give someone knowledge of a field but certainly not the realities of working in that profession.
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    She needs to take some bleach to that mold and get a fan in her room. The mold is very unhealthy.

    She is on a summer resort- that is fun not profession. I spent a summer on the Cape and it was all about the beach and one big party. The pay only covered food and a place to sleep. She should be concentrating on making memories of youth so she can look back and smile. She will need those memories when she is in the midst of raising kids and working everyday.
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    Agreed. As I told her when she got the job last spring, this is probably her last summer of being somewhat carefree. Enjoy the time. She's been working on her photography and creating some wonderful images so I just bought her the new level of camera.
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    RH. I think you are a very wise grandmother
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    Thanks Ganado. I count myself fortunate that all 3 still come to me for advice, counsel, and the holder of their secrets. Every kid needs someone to whom they can turn who is not their parent.
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    Agreed RH. We forget that growing up you have to be taught to think thru things and that takes a dedicated listener who is willing to offer options and thoughts without judgement. Parents can't afford to do that if they are to teach values and morality, the parent must hold the line but grandparents can.

    Giving advise is a lazy way of teaching. It is much more difficult to listen and help them learn to think. Most people have the answer inside of them. Helping them unlock the answer that is right for them and their circumstances is magic.

    I think disraeli said it best. "Most people die with their music still locked inside them"

    The fact that your grandchildren come to you means you have that ability and that they trust you. It is a real gift
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    Ohhh the folly's of youth..... she needs to enjoy this time..... as it soon will turn to the daily grind we all "enjoy"...with life's responsibilities, kids, spouse, demanding bosses.... ect.

    Our daughter is in her late 20's... she get's so frustrated that she does not have the big paycheck, fancy house, the newest model of car and so on. We continually tell her that she has to earn her way to those things through hard work and determination. But the younger generations are so full of that need for instant gratification and reward.... :rolleyes:
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    Oh how I miss my Father's Advice..... Now that I am the GrandParent, and the Kids and GrandKids, come, and call, ME, for those familiar Issues.... It becomes MY job to Counsel, and Advise.... and often I wonder what makes them think, I have any REAL Answers, other than a long Lifetime, of Living....
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    That sounds like the best answer source to me. :)
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