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    Yoders + Grandma's country + Red feather MEGA SALE
    Yoder's Bacon Offer
    Lowest prices on Internet

    Get extra $10 off when you buy 2 cases use Code EXTRA10
    Get extra $50 off when you buy 10 cases use Code YODERS50

    Case of Yoder's Bacon

    LIST PRICE: $189.75
    MSRP: $290

    Yoder's Bacon 6 Cans

    LIST PRICE: $103
    MSRP: $145
    SAVE: $42

    Grandma's Country
    100 % REAL, instant milk is the best tasting powdered milk available. It is produced in the USA using a single pass drying process, in low heat, to preserve freshness and flavor. Vitamin fortified with A and D for added nutrition. Packaged in a #10 can with an oxygen absorber to preserve nutrition and flavor for up to 20 years. Just add water and stir for a refreshing glass of cold milk so delicious even your children won't know it's an instant..

    Grandma Country Cream Real Milk

    MSRP: $165
    LIST PRICE: $119
    SAVE: $46

    New Zealand's Ballantyne is the world's largest producer of canned butter. Sealed airtight for maximum freshness, Ballantyne's canned butter delivers convenience in the form of extended shelf life and easy distribution without the necessity of refrigeration. It has also proven ideal for disaster preparedness, camping, boating and remote areas where refrigeration isn't available. Each can holds 12 ounces of pure creamy butter

    Red Feather Butter 12 Cans

    MSRP: $140
    LIST PRICE: $90
    SAVE: $50

    Creamy Red Feather Butter in a Can (Chose from Full case or Half Case)

    MSRP: $280
    LIST PRICE: $160
    SAVE: $100

    Customers Love it !

    ***** Long shelf Life: I bought a case of this butter in 2009, and stored it in my basement with my other food stirage. I just opened a can and can tell you that the butter is great - no sign of spoilage at all. - Judith (Aug 2018)
  2. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Crisis Preparedness Provider Vendor

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