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    OK, I admit that I like potted meat on sandwiches, crackers; it's a kid food that was cheap, easy to carry, and if you don't look too hard at what they make the shit out of, pretty tasty. I made the mistake of reading the label so now I make my own.
    Got some left over meat from dinner, maybe a steak, some pork chops, a chicken? Save em all, mix em up.
    Put them in a pot of water with some salt, Pepper, Thai pepper seasoning, get creative with the spice. Cook that stuff until it's falling apart then remove the meat and throw it in a food processor or meat grinder until it's a pile of wet mush. Melt a stick of butter and mix with the meat puree, put it in air-tight containers, top with melted butter and refrigerate. Save the stock because it will make some killer gravy with tomorrows biscuits.
    The sandwich is vastly improved with some Dukes mayonnaise and a thick slice of tomato fresh from the garden.
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  2. Ganado

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    just as an FYI you are probably going to out live most of the rest of us, all the stuff in potted meat, turns out its good for you. Eating an animal nose to tail is a good thing. Just most people are squeamish about it.

    My grandmother made 'potted meat' or 'canned meat' from all the bits and pieces after butchering. It was a good after school snack when I was a kid and when I didn't know what was in it ;D

    besides if your French its call pate :rolleyes::D

    you post the best stuff!
  3. Seacowboys

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    beaks and feets, mmm...made some last night out of pork tenderloin and half a standing beef rib roast...
  4. Ganado

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    gelatin yum pure protein
  5. Ura-Ki

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    Add in some good beef marrow and you got potted meat fit for kings!
    I always ask butchers for leg bones and other big sources of marrow, and save out the bones from my game harvesting, while we use about half for stock, I always like to save out a bunch and use in the potted meat. makes for killer sammiches!

    Pro Tip, add the bones with the marrow to the bottom racks of your smoker, and let them go while your smoking the rest of your batch!
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    Get a can of potted meat, toss it up on the dash of the pick-up truck and come lunch time you've got yourself a hot meal. Spread it on some crackers, doctor it with some tobacco and your it high cotton...literally. My Daddy liked his with mayonnaise. A cold Coke, some hoop cheese and a Moon-Pie (aka a Dixie S'more), and you're ready to work till dark. I need to write a book titled "Dashboard Cookery".
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  7. tacmotusn

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    One of my Grandmothers who raised lots of chickens (200 - 300) at a time, large combo meat and egg birds that she also sold fresh eggs from plus frozen or fresh processed birds, always had a loaf pan of potted chicken meat firmed up with reduced chicken stock and gel in her frig. I ate many tasty sandwiches from that frig.
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  8. duane

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    In our house potted meat was deliberate, head cheese, pickled heart and tongue, pickled pigs feet, blood sausage, scrapple, gritwurst, etc and made at butchering time. Mother and grand mother seemed to take all left over meat and make hash with potato, onion, left over meat, carrots, spices, garlic, hot peppers, and I often liked it better than the meat. Have a roast for one meal, trim the bone and make hash for the second meal, use the bone in soup for a third. Have ham for several meals, one fancy, a couple with sandwiches, then take small pieces and bone and make pea or bean soup for a couple more meals, this was for a family of 7 or 9 if at the grand parents. Boil an old hen and make stock for soup with chicken pieces and noodles, pick off meat and have in chicken salad sandwiches, or with pasta with peas, or with spaghetti, or creamed with flour and milk on toast for breakfast or a light lunch. Never knew we were poor when I was a kid, just didn't have any money, everyone knew how to make the most out of their food and ate everything, never sprayed the dandy lions, always ate them as soon as they came up, kept the lambs quarter, pig weed, etc when we were gardening, Mom had a special basket for eating weeds and Grandmother foraged as they now call it. White oak acorns, ground and washed, added to flour are good, as are cat tails, sun chokes, some tree barks and needles, just wish I knew all of them and if TSHTF, those that lived would most likely learn them again. None of this was unusual in rural Minn in the 1930's or early 40's, but by 1960 the younger people quit doing it all and as the elderly died, most of the knowledge was lost. Peas, lentils, beans, rice, barley, etc, were always in the cupboard just waiting for some left over meat or veggies and to stretch what ever left overs there were for another meal. Gram would fry bacon for breakfast and if we were real good, she would make fried greens for dinner, often we would go out with a basket and look for the greens. The dogs in our house never got the hush puppies, us kids ate them all.
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  9. Ura-Ki

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    Some day I will have my Great Grand Mothers cook book and her notes that she passed to my Grand Mother, and now my Mom! I have it in my hot little hands and will be digitizing it and distributing copies to the whole family! Besides all the favorites, there were a metric ton of medicinal cures, sources and techniques for things no one knows about these days! It's a fun read, Great Grand Mom didn't speak English outside a hand full of words, and she wrote in an strange and fascinating style that you don't ever encounter these days, Very proper and very precise penmanship! A real god seld was little hand drawings she came up with to try and help explain things! Grand Mom added to it greatly, and it's easy to see the differences between the two of them! I swear, there are about 10 different Potted Meats listed in that book, and I have had maybe 4 of them!
  10. T. Riley

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    @duane you should write a short story. I enjoyed your post. Reminds me how I was raised. BTW, pound for pound, potted meat is great food storage.
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  11. Gator 45/70

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    Yall killing me with these potted meat stories.
    I'm going out to the truck and retrieve my gratons
  12. Meat

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  13. Ganado

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    go borrow it! lol
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  14. Ura-Ki

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    I have it, working on translating it and scanning it! LOL
    Those books are more valuable then gold!
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  15. Thunder5Ranch

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    Gotta do something with the afterbirth and eyeballs...... McDonalds only can only sell so many all beef patties.
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  16. Wildbilly

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    And now they have "mystery meatless" patties. That Beyond Meat stuff. Vegans love it cause it's gonna save all the little animals...actually might lead to a massive animal die-off. The only place you might find a pig, chicken, cow, turkey, etc. might be in a zoo or museum.
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    Mom used to make "Pink Stuff" sandwiches. A can of potted meat, tablespoon of mayo, and a little chopped up dill pickle. It made enough for three sandwiches instead of two that way, so my brother and I each got a sandwich and a half in our lunch.
  18. duane

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    A lot of native people survived on the pemmican which is sort of a version of mystery meat. With dried fruit, meat, and fat, it will keep you alive much longer then jerky and added to grains, nuts, beans, it might actually keep you alive all winter. Much better than jerky in cold climates, need the fat for energy, and more calories and if homemade, can cut the salt content down to something you can live with. One recipe I saw used about 30 to 40 % fat, from beef tallow, and also used dried fruits and honey, compared to 5 % or so fat with jerky and most commercial jerkys are loaded with salt..
  19. STGThndr

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    Yeah, I eat potted meat and vienna sausages, both mystery-meats for the trail...With saltines and Frank's hot sauce. One of my food-treats when young was REAL liver worst, made by Mom and Dad.. a big production of beef and (probably) pork livers.. they made it into "loaves" which were frozen.. thaw one and cut slices off it and toast em in a fry pan, eat with a tad of maple syrup... mmmm good!
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