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    I was just watching "Alaska: Dangerous Territory" on the History Channel. While watching, I was reminded how there are no new ideas. In the show, they recounted the story of Castner's Cutthroats. It was a really interesting story about native Alaskans fighting off Japanese invasion on the Aleutian Islands. What I found most interesting was their choice in gear. They were put into service as scouts and were expected to find their own food. They chose their own clothing, carried longer range rifles, and .22 pistols for shooting animals.
    Castner's Cutthroats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have been handgunning small game for about 2 years now. I started out just trying to find a way to kill time between deer hunts. I have to say that with practice, it may be the most fun form of hunting I currently do. Success was slow, but sure once I got the hang of it.

    There are a lot of talks about the "best SHTF gun". And while a sh*t-storm ensues that usually is dominated by the latest and greatest people shooting smoke poles, little thought is given to long term hunting. I think that long term use (as in not shooting other people) should be at the front of this discussion. In the memory of Castner's Cutthroats, I submit the .22 pistol:

    .22 is the lightest round available. It has an extreme range of 100 yds with the right shooter. A pocket full of rounds weighs nothing and lasts a long time. While aimed fire is necessary, survival hunting is not sporting. Shooting ducks on the water is ok when hungry. Large game have been killed with .22 LR many times before. While not ideal for this purpose, it could be used. A step up, the .22WMR is the preferred cartridge of poachers for it's accuracy, killing power, and low sound signature. The advantage to a pistol is the ability to carry it easily along with a defensive long gun. Price is also a factor. For $200 I can stock up on over 7,000 rds of .22LR.
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    My Colt Woodsman has taken a lot more meat for the pot than any other weapon that I own for the past several years.
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    My K-512 Ruger with B-Square high (use scope or open sights) clamp on receiver mount and aimpoint .... was the most accurate 22 pistol I have ever shot. Unfortunately some lowlife SOB stole it from my house several years back and I never replaced it. As in the pictures in this thread, many gray squirrels fell to a well placed head shot at 25 yards and body out to 50.
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    Just mho:

    I think you are really on the right track here. With my17-2 I can shoot cb shorts(doing the job of an air pistol),LR stingers or bulk pack,If you have to "carry",carrying a centerfire rifle "when necessary"(?)..and a .22 hand gun seems to be the most bang for the buck.

    "Unfortunately I completely understand why you "felt" had to add this caveat:"

    "I think that long term use (as in not shooting other people),"

    Its very unfortunate and shortsighted even here you risked getting your underwear flamed with the knee jerk" Survival " is primarily about two legged vermin".We see allover the ''net.
    the.22 is not loud /powerful but it has way more going for it for as a working tool than any center fire for daily use.

    Love that 63 Taccky(sorry imeant"high speed")

    Guns I wish I never let out of my collection:" Had a k-512once traded it to somebody for something, kicking myself ever since.
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    New thread material, eh? Go for it, might be interesting/entertaining.

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    Single - six ruger 22lr / 22mag

    Hi folks I'm new here. I just got a new Ruger single six 22lr and love shooting it 22s are alot of fun I also have a new 10/22 carbine. I live in So. Nevada not much to hunt in the desert I'd like to get out of here but can't sell a house these days. Thinking of going to Arizona, we shall see.

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    Taurus 94. Fairly accurate. Nice because it holds 9 rounds. Zero recoil.
    For accuracy, I like my Ruger MkIII better.
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    Nice greys we've got more pine and red squirrels a round that castners cuthtroats article is prettycool neverheard if them before thanks.
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    My only .22LR pistol I'd consider 'squirrel hunting accurate' is my SW Mod. 17-2 with six inch barrel. Even with bulk pack ammo, it's scary tight shooting!
    I agree about true 'survival'...... avoiding confrontation is more conducive to longer life than trying to fight everyone. Save the ammo for hunting. [applaud]
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