Poured concrete home in Fredricksburg TX

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  1. Matteo10572

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    Here is the remax link. It is about 6 listings down on 3 lots and has an outbuilding with a cellar. You dont find poured concrete homes much anymore. please contact remax.

    Homes in Fredericksburg Texas Fredericksburg TX Homes
  2. Silversnake

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    I really like Fredericksburg. The Museum of the Pacific War is fantastic, the German heritage is cool, it's close enough to San Antonio without being too close, and the Texas Hill Country is always a bit cooler and full of game.
  3. E.L.

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    The Hill Country is home, our ranch is outside of Leakey. Fredricksburg is always a great spot to go shopping. If I took the Melbo's there they would never leave.
  4. Matteo10572

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    I agree. I love Fredricksburg. I used to sepnd summers working there as a teenager. This was My Grandmothers home. She is now in a retirement home. It has double paned windows in it too. I realy like that it is poured concrete. You don't want to accidentally bump into a wall though (trust me). I really like the building in the back with the cellar. There is enough room on the 3 lots to build a more modern home as well.
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