Poverty And New Increased Proposed 12.7 Trillion Welfare Spending

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    Please check both links. This is very informative and disturbing. A few of you may know the Lord Obummer has done away with the work requirement of the 1996 welfare reform act. More on that included below. There is a link as to census gathered info as to the conditions of people in the USA in poverty. Then there is a link to Lord Obummers grandious plans to pour 12.7 Trillion Freakin' dollars down the drain on welfare. Can anyone say buying votes with taxpayer dollars?
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    Our legal system is being shredded everyday and our congress function is being circumvented. At this stage the next step is for the Lord Obummer to have a finding the constitution is un-constitutional and make up his own. If you don't care about our country, sit on your porch in the fall- otherwise get everybody you know and get out and vote for local, state, and the national elections and let's unify to say- enough of this crap!!![wannamesswitme]
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