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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alpha Dog, Aug 21, 2011.

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    This morning I was getting ready for work and was watching Fox News. They were talking about the closing of I think the number was 28 coal operated power plants across the US. I know 1 of the plants they are closing is about 10 miles from where I live. The news was interviewing this lady who was explaining how that with the plants closing it was going to cause blackouts across the US and over work the other non-coal powered plants. The EPA must feel that the nuclear is a better option that way we can see what China is seeing first hand. Plus look at the power plant jobs, and coal minins jobs are going to be lost
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    One ole dog to another -

    Here in Colorado there was some type of inside scam to stop burning coal and use local and Wyoming natural gas. I smell the rotten eggs of local payoffs, maybe not too different from DIA miles from town and all previously cheap dry ranchland end up in hands of city officials.

    The greenies get the power company to be agreeable because they don't really care as they are quaranteed to make a profit. What they fail to realize is that whenever something is done to make you feel good that is more expensive - it lowers your standard of living - at least a little bit.
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    Well, the illegal barstage obongo did promise to stick it to the coal power companies - he has a lot of 'green' money backing his election warchest - he must kowtow to his Masters.......

    And many of us may well be 'in the dark' come Election Day. Well, we preppers will have our lanterns lit. [dunno]
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    0bama's moon bat regulations at work.

    I realize getting rid of the old for the new is good; however only a moon bat idiot gets rid of the old before he replaced it.
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    in midland they had a nuke plant that never fired up
    something was wrong with the design im told
    so instead, since there is so much of it around here
    they burn sawdust and woodchips
    everyplace you look here there are sawmills with tons of sawdust piled
    the power co buys it by the semi load and feeds it to the power plant
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    The design was fine, the intervenors saw to it that there were enough legal delaying tactics and regulatory barriers erected to the job that it became too expensive to finish, and Consumers Power shut it down. It has since been redesigned and built to burn natural gas. (I was there at the end of the nuclear construction when the funds were cut off.) The whole exercise ended the possibility of nuclear power in Michigan at the time. There were two other plants that were cancelled along with Midland.
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    Along with our lanterns, some of us will have torches and pitchforks. Just for protecting the Republic of course.....
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    Here, they ran a natural gas pipeline from Tucson all the way north to Ash Fork and turned east towards Flagstaff. That pipeline was completed about 2 years ago and has sat dormant. It comes all the way in from Texas.
    Now IF they do shutdown the coal fired power plants, that will have a VERY REAL and SEVERE effect here. Half the state runs on coal. From Page Arizona to Phoenix. Predominant here in the east valley area, MOST energy is supplied by Salt River project ( SRP) and they have been running coal fired units for a LONG time. They have them from the west side of Phoenix, (99th-104th Avenue) to the east valley areas, Mesa and Tempe. It would be a disaster. They could be converted to natural gas, given time and funding.
    This is not good.
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    As normal when they pass new reg.s we get shafted.
  10. Clyde

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    When people realize they get to sleep in 110 degrees because of the presidents policies, there will bean even greater drop int the approval rating. Imagine all those pissed off sweating people with no a/c. Should be interesting addition to the growing list of negatives for BO.
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