Power Trekk charger (needs H20 for power)

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by CATO, Jan 15, 2012.

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    In all truth, this product doesn't REALLY run on water, it runs on a reaction between NaSi and Water that produces NaSiO2 and H2. The released H2 is then feed into a small Fuel Cell that recombines the H2 with O2 from the Air and generates the electrical power to charge the batteries, of the electrical products plugged in. So in all reality, this technology runs on NaSi, and Water. The NaSi Cartridge is replaceable, and disposable. If one were to use this item as a Prep System, the User would either need to be able to generate, or refurbish the NaSi Cartridges, or have a very Big Stock of them, Stored away. I haven't run the Numbers but I suspect one would do better with a Flexible Solar Panel, money-wise, than with this technology..... ..... YMMV....
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    I was playing with Hydrogen-Oxygen fuel cells in high school chemistry class in the early 70's. Two test tubes (one each for anode and cathode), H outgases into one, O2 into the other. The electrolyte was salt water. It worked. But on a very tiny scale.
    This new gadget is interesting, but I need to see how long the "Power Pukk" will last, how many charging cycles before it needs replaced? How expensive for new Power Pukks? Can self-sufficient Monkeys make their own NaSi powder and self-renew them?

    Still lots of questions.......

    Be great to see it upscaled to a 12VDC unit to run a PC or lights.
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