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    I don't typically read comics, at least since I was a youth, but ran across Powerhouse Pepper by accident a few days ago. I took a look and I gotta say that the cartoonist Basil Wolverton has an intriguing sense of humor and style. His work appears to have inspired cartoonist Robert Crumb of Mr. Natural fame. The run was from 1940 to 1948, and then later black and white shorts that were used by men's magazines of the 1950's. I thought that some of you might enjoy the antics of Powerhouse Pepper. Here is a little background: Powerhouse Pepper - Wikipedia

    Powerhouse is a short guy that has incredible strength. Difference of opinions are frequently settled with fists. The humor is funny as opposed to mean and not political. Reading through a few I found it had a remarkable way of clearing my head from all the negativity that is so prevalent today. Make sure you don't ignore the various signs interspersed through the comics; they are half the humor.


    All of the color comics created during 1940 to 1948 are located here, free for the view. You do have to enable Flash for the reader to work
    Powerhouse Pepper

    The black and white comics were published by Fantagraphics can be found as torrents if you look.
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