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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by VisuTrac, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    3 thumbs up!

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    Nice primer on antibiotics, thanks.
  5. LogOut

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    I've been looking for something in depth, yet understandable to someone with a non-medical background.

    Thanks !
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    Looks like a good article to me, some other good stuff at the site also
  7. CATO

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    Thanks for posting. I have a question for everyone:

    I've seen a great deal of posts like this on other boards with similar titles as: "What antibiotics to stockpile in case TEOTWAWKI."

    So, now you know which antibiotics will be useful against which bug, but, how are people going about stockpiling these drugs? All of them require a Rx, so, how does this work? Do you just tell your doctor "Hey, I want a script for Cipro just in case...."

    I would like to have a bunch of z-paks laying around, but getting an M.D. to prescribe them has been a pain in the keister even with a severe sinus infection

    Moreover, there's a growing movement within the medical community to stop prescribing antibiotics for every little malady. Their thinking is that overl-prescription is what is causing the recent trend in "multi-drug resistant organisms" (MDROs), or bugs that don't respond to any known antibiotic.

    One scenario that I think is likely if TSHTF is rise in the number of cases of brucellosis (a zoonotic disease). You can get this from eating/drinking unpasteurized cheese/milk. Monotherapies are ineffective, so, you need two antibiotics for this one. One recommended treatment is doxycycline with gentamicin, the last of which needs to be injected. This is pretty complicated now, right? So, not only do you need to find the drugs, now you need to get it into a solution and have a syringe.

    Every time I start thinking about the resultant carnage of a SHTF scenario, it gets me really bummed out. I just wish the radical Islamacists and North Koreans would disappear. [plz]
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    Animal Meds for Antibiotics Supply

    You need to read more of the posting ..... plenty of info on buying antibiotics thru the vet /animal meds supply houses ......
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  10. CATO

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    I saw that. Keep in mind there are a few antibiotics for pets that will make a human ill. There's no way I could buy this kind of stuff at my vet though.

    Perhaps a farm supply place will work for wide spectrum remedies. Although, I have heard about people keeping fish antibiotics on hand. Interesting.....
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  11. LogOut

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    How may I research which are not compatable ? I need to learn more about this aspect of prepping.

    I recently used Fish Plex Forte with good results on an infected finger.
    My doc had prescribed cephalexin for another infection I had years ago and Fish Flex is the same thing.

    I mean, I'm still alive and I didn't grow gills or fins. ;)
    When one cannot afford health insurance this subject becomes very important.
  12. VisuTrac

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    I have amoxicillian, keflex and tetracycline for my 'fish'. Just need to know in what circumstances to use which.

    researching ailments and their treatments will lead you to what antibiotics you will need to stockpile for your 'fish'

    It's surprising how many manufacturers of aquatic antibiotics are the same as those for bipedal pets too

  13. CATO

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    find alternatives for:

    • enrofloxicin (Baytril)
    • chloramphenical (known to cause aplastic enemia when used internally)
    • clinadamycin

    If a person comes down with clostridium difficile, 9.9 times out of 10, they have been taking antibiotics. c.diff...nasty stuff, although you're more likely to get it in a hospital setting, but, chances are, it's in your bathroom right now. Do-It-Yourself Medicine: How to Find and Use the Most Effective Antibiotics, Painkillers, Anesthetics and Other Miracle Drugs... Without Costly Doctors' Prescriptions or Hospitals (9780873649186): Ragnar Benson: Books
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    Thanks for sharing the article. It is an interesting read, and something I'll save.
  15. rastus

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    thanks for the info
  16. fmj50

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    thanks, since i'm alergic to penecillin this is even more helpful.
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    Problem solved...
    s13. Dog Meds 001 (1024x768) (800x600).
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