Practical Entropy

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    Entropy is a concept described in the Second Law of Thermodynamics and has a very technical formulated role in applied physics and engineering.

    I am not getting into applied physics.

    Simply put, entropy is the natural tendency of things to become disordered in the world. This is the same effect that causes Kool Aid mix to diffuse in a pitcher of water, or a stench of a fart to diffuse throughout your dinner party. Entropy is a truism in nature. It always wins. Disorder always wins over all efforts to establish order.

    I will point out that even the most educated forget about entropy. Famous physicist Steven Hawking forgot about entropy when he postulated that a black hole would contain a singularity at the center of a black hole. This would have been the perfect example of an ordered system. But nature doesn't allow this, and he was proven wrong. He had to admit this error and retract his idea.

    In life, entropy (dosorder) also results in that mess in the shop, finances become distressed or a house becomes weathered and collapses. Entropy cannot be stopped, it can only be temporarily delayed. It can only be temporarily delayed by adding work to bring order to system or object in question.

    To translate this idea into politics, entropy is freedom. Since entropy is the natural state, freedom is also the natural state. People exhibit entropy by doing what they choose. This may be stealing from each other or murdering each other or drilling a well on their property or selling a four Troy ounces of gold. Some entropy/freedoom morally needs to be limited, such as murder and theft. Government is the entity which tries to limit or restrict entropy/freedom.

    Since fighting entropy requires work, the government must perform work. This work is cumulatively known as resources (manpower, money or materiel). Even if the government is a cattle rancher, without the frequent application of resources, eventually his measures to limit entropy such as fences, corrals, etc. will wear out and the cattle will become free. The resources government has are limited. When the balance between resources available to the governemnt and the people's tendency to entropy becomes favorable to entropy, freedom grows.

    As time progresses, eventually, there will not be enough resources available to the government to continue to fight entropy, and entropy/freedom will win.

    We will all win.
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    With my job running Shipping at work. I often feel I'm trying to Organize/Control Chaos. I'm very good at what I do. An my OCD helps more than a lil bit, even if it sumtimes drives me NUTS!!! Catch is, it is also very draining mentally, physically, & emotionally. I'm about burned out. Catch is, no one else at work has my varied experiences coming up thru the company to my level to take the reins of this wild horse. So, my taking Friday off, is gonna bite me in the arse Monday for sure!!!
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