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    After a dismal shooting session a couple of weeks ago,,,,,,,I just popped off 50 rnds in my .45. I had a problem with anticipating the recoil. I know, you should be supprised each time the firearm goes 'BANG'. Kinda hard not to when you know the travel of your trigger.
    The first ten rounds I was still 'pushing' before the round went off...not good.. the next 40 I did much better, hittiing center of mass 6 of 8 rounds. Still gonna have to burn up more powder, gotta get the reloader up and running. Suggestions on how to over come my (embaressing) fault?
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    press the trigger instead of pulling it. Think door-bell. When you "Pull" a trigger, the gun will shift position on you. Take a high grip with you thumb-web firmly against the beaver-tail,
    resting your thumb on the safety, the left hand wraps the fingers and the thumb should align with the slide and just touch the underside of your grip thumb. Keep both eyes open and on the target, the sight alignment should be just a hologram on the target.
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