practicing for the big "I toldyou so!"

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Tango3, May 23, 2008.

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    I've been following Dvorak for years on the tech side of things and his blog, he is a bit off base on many things but is an interesting read non the less
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    You know, none of the people I work with believe the official story, so I can't practice. Most would be more suprised if the "offical" story panned out.
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    I still go back and forth( with the "chicken"). Got into a discussion about the pentagon( plane vs. missile) and couldn't explain the fallen lamp posts.. they may have me there.

    IF events were went as per the official story, that puts a big rip in the tinfoil arguments so much of this civil rights "nwo conspiracy" stuff is based on ( the "falsehoods" (mythology) of 9/11 ). I dunno; still have lots of questions .
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    Shock wave from the explosions, I'd guess. [dunno]
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    I have seen the clip and believe that it could have been done a lot cheaper with a lot less loss of lives.

    Just goes to show you that government projects are given to the lowest bidder.[gone]

    I will never forget my outrage and immense feeling that the world has just been broken as the WTC was attacked, even in Germany I could see that the twin towers were doomed, and will always respect those Men and Women of the emergency services who went in to rescue and help people.

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    USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11

    Twenty-five former U.S. military officers have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. They include former commander of U.S. Army Intelligence, Major General Albert Stubblebine, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Col. Ronald D. Ray, two former staff members of the Director of the National Security Agency; Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, and Major John M. Newman, PhD, and many others. They are among the rapidly growing number of military and intelligence service veterans, scientists, engineers, and architects challenging the government’s story. The officers’ statements appear below, listed alphabetically.

    Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD "A lot of these pieces of information, taken together, prove that the official story, the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a bunch of hogwash. It’s impossible," said Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret). With doctoral degrees in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering, Col. Bowman served as Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

    "There’s a second group of facts having to do with the cover up," continued Col. Bowman. "Taken together these things prove that high levels of our government don’t want us to know what happened and who’s responsible. Who gained from 9/11? Who covered up crucial information about 9/11? And who put out the patently false stories about 9/11 in the first place? When you take those three things together, I think the case is pretty clear that it’s highly placed individuals in the administration with all roads passing through Dick Cheney."

    Regarding the failure of NORAD to intercept the four hijacked planes on 9/11, Col. Bowman said, "I'm an old interceptor pilot. I know the drill. I've done it. I know how long it takes. I know the rules. … Critics of the government story on 9/11 have said: ‘Well, they knew about this, and they did nothing’. That's not true. If our government had done nothing that day and let normal procedure be followed, those planes, wherever they were, would have been intercepted, the Twin Towers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive."
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    I can't believe people haven't woken up to the truth about this false Gulf of Tonkin or Germany's Gleiwitz style attack. Inside job all the way. No one has ever given a good reason for wtc 7 which didn't get hit and also went down the same day. And Larry Silverstein had just taken out a very large insurance policy on the building the week before. There was more than a million dollars of asbestos removal that was going to have to occur and Bush was looking for any excuse to get us into a war in the middle east Just like with Iraq! A lot of people gained to make a lot of money of these wars and I'm pretty sure there's nothing in it for Bush or Cheney (WINK, WINK ie. Halliburton and other contractors) Is it so hard to believe of a staged attack? It"s been done several times before in our worlds history. You have to have the support and outrage of the people to get into a conflict with another nation. Do you really believe that our government is of the just and moral high ground? Just read the news and see all the bull!@#$ that they do. Look at all the crazy !@#$ that our politicians talk about during our campaign season. Do you really think these guys are of the highest moral character and standard? We the people may be moral and of the highest standard compared to other nations but our politicians are not! They are bread politicians highly trained in the skills of a slick used car salesman. They would sell their own mother to line their pockets or for a vote! And something most people are not willing to understand is that the most elite politicians are just pawns of a bigger darker order of world elites that secretely control the world and have been pushing for their total globalist agenda which they are working for slowly. If your a christian who believes that we are in the end times you have to wonder where this one world government is going to come from. It's not going to just come over night! They have been working at it a little bit at a time and when the time is right THEN the anti-christ will emerge onto the world stage, but the conditions have to be set for him first! That's why they are trying to push all the world into these "Unions". E.U. and the coming North American Union. When the timing is right they will join all the unions together and there's your one world government or Daddy Bush's "New World Order".
    Call me crazy if you want to but I've been studying this for a long time now and it's all coming to pass just as bible prophesy predicted.

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    Pretty powerful secret to be walking around with .
    Lots of circumstantial evidence...To me the important questions are:
    were explosives of any kind used? Who set them?
    When did they start installing charges??
    What was the Norman Minetta"situation room" testimony about? Cheney being asked by the younger airman (?)" Sir the plane is 30minutes out, do the orders still stand ??"
    To which cheney responded( paraphrasing)" Ofcourse they stand, have ordered otherwise?"
    Were the remaining fighters in the northeast corridor ordered to wait (stand down)??
    I'm no engineer; just have questions, I'd like some one smarter than me to take a good hard look at 911...
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    Letting the monkey run amok( i.e. off the wall unprovable edge of reality ideas...)
    What if( just to start the brainstorming)... it was some kind of new highly classified super weapon from los alamos parked inthe basement kicking the legs out from under those buildings? There were measureable seismic disturbances thatmorning( measured in ithaca Ny, Cornell or Syracuse IIRC). Did any disaster response crew take radiation levels at the site??? Perhaps it didn't even leave a measureable trace?
    You know f'in magic. lol
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    Watch this movie on 911

    This is the best done 911 "official story" debunk film made to date. It connects all the dots.

    Loose Change final cut!

    Part 1
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    Part 2
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    Thank god it's the Tin Foil Hat Lounge because I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. welcome to TEOTWAWNI and nothing will ever make sense ever again!
    But don't fret cause all of us who are in with the Lord will be just fine dead or alive!
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    :lol:Ohhh, Shhhh it a secret...(The real secret it 's: "teotwaki" The End of the World as we Know it)[booze][boozingbuddies] :)
    er "Lord's of flatbush?"...just kidding...
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    Amen Brother![beer]
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