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    Sometimes there is a need to be quiet but still one needs to communicate with their group. I have printed off the chart below and posted on the refrigerator (again). Usually a facial expression or look, can let someone know that something is up but I think learning tactical hand signals is important. There is former military everywhere. I do not think it is a wasted skill to know these and practice them with your group/ family. I hope this chart is accurate and has the correct signals.

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    Thanks for the post, MM. I see the hand signal I usually receive, doesn't seem to be on this list. Hmm.
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    Well, there are social hand signals, then those used for real communications.
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    I studied exact English sign language and others a while back to be able to talk to the deaf .
    Problem is you need some one to practice with or you ,loose it.
    Problem I found is that there are too many variations of the language which I see as sad and an epitaph of our splintered society .
    In stead of teaching other languages ,sign language could have bridged the gap in communications around the world , sadly it's worse, sign languages can be different town to town..
    Best you can do is your own family learn your signs and communications and use them regularly .
    Sometimes it's important to communicate to your own that others cannot easily understand, none of their business ,
    This military form is a good start ,so long as you stick to it. and use it regularly and learn to add to it in time .
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    One of the oddest things I've ever learned since living abroad.

    I once had a Cebuano graphic designer who worked for me, while living in the Philippines. She also just happened to be deaf.

    That designer knew zero Cebuano. But, she knew how to sign in English. She also read and wrote in English, quite well I may add.
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    I am impressed .
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    Me too! I'd never met a Filipino or Filipina who grew up IN the Philippines, but didn't know any of the local OR national language.
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    A local town in south central La.They have their own hand signals

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  10. I have most Spark charts as pdf's Including on American Sign Language. I could upload it if anyone wants to learn the skill..
    Just let me know
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