Prays to Plants ???

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by OldDude49, Dec 1, 2019.

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    More “ New Age” BS sounds like to these ears....
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    I confess to browning down thousands of pounds of onions!
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    Any rational person knows that we should only believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
  5. chelloveck

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    It's no less absurd than the doctrine of original sin, wherein two mythical characters are tempted by a third mythical character to eat a piece of fruit, forbidden to them by a mythical creator character....thus setting up the whole of humanity for eternal hellfire and damnation, if they don't repent, and accept the mythical creator's son as their saviour.....praying to plants seems like small potatoes. :rolleyes: Now, THAT is out there.

    I read the article...It seems like some orthodox theist, railing against liturgical soap opera, and liturgical social justice activism....favouring vanilla theism instead. :LOL:
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    If a Cajun would have been there....
    He would have shoved the apple up the snakes ass...
    and then cooked it !
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    While I don't question God,s will or knowledge, certain members of this forum make me question both the gifts of intelligence and free will. Then I have to remember that for several thousand years the natives in Calif ignored that soft yellow gravel in the rivers. For anything to have value, you must know of its uses and understand its value to you. Best advice my dad and grandad gave me was that it is easiest if the idiots are not bothering you, to let them go to he** in any way they wish.

    Have to admit that for every one trying to debunk and negate religion, there are 50 who are either using it as a tool to generate wealth or to control people. While different groups use different names, priest, shaman, imman, chosen by God, etc, they wish to use either their role as teacher and expert or as gate keeper, to be in charge, often the truth seems to get lost in the process, and of course every one of them claims to be the only truth.
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