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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Harbin, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Some I'm more familiar with but would like to get an idea on some other calibers of what were normal prices before things got nuts. Any input is appreciated. Thought this might help some people avoid paying ridiculous prices if possible, and give a price to shop around for. One of my LGSs had 9mm Winchester going for almost $2/rd- same thing I ordered online a month ago for $.35/rd (and they would still only sell you a box w/ purchase of firearm), still kinda high be I was psyched because my S&M Shield finally came in.
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    I have been taking note of everyone that has raised ammo to stupid levels and will assure each of them that once things return to normal, I will never spend another dime with them; period.
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    I made it clear when they told me the price that i wouldn't be back. He shrugged and said ok, not caring. I still haven't gone back, and my neighbor showed me another shop a little further away. While they don't have much stock, they didn't get stupid with price gouging. They got a new customer, and i walked out with a Target 10/22. Actually taking my wife there Saturday for a pistol class.
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    I found Cheaper Than Dirt was one of the worst. They were selling Russian steel case 9mm for about $60.00 for a box of 50. They will never see another penny from me.
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    They gouged the crap out of people for 30rd mags too, if I recall correctly.:(
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