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    notice how i kindly placed the word "precision" in the title instead of the word "tactical". that word is thrown around way too much nowadays.
  2. Buckshot927tx

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    i am new at this forum stuff so i hope i am doing this right. i am trying to build a 1000 yard capable winchester model 70 .300 win mag. i know i need a detachable box magazine instead of the clumbsy trap door, but i am not having any luck finding any conversions for it. Any help?
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    There might be a few guys here that can point you in the right direction. While you wait, take a cruise thru "the firearms forum." Google will get you there rather quickly, and use the search engine they have, it isn't too bad.
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    yeah thanks, i'm finding that there is'nt too much on this site that i DON'T like haha, thanks again
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    I would look at brownells for a starting point.
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    Good luck! I tried to get an aftermarket floorplate with a removable magazine for a Rem 700 in .308 a few years ago. There are quite a few companies making them. Besides Brownells', try Midway USA. Badger Ordnance makes a really nice setup.

    The only problem is that they NEVER have them in stock. I'd gladly pay for one, but there is never one to buy. I sometimes wonder about companies that show things online and in catalogs that they don't actually have to sell.

    When you see that online I believe the proper term is vaperware. When it's in print, it should be down right criminal.

    Here's a short list. Maybe if you go through the manufacturer, you might be able to actually snag one:

    Winchester Long Action
    Surgeon Long Action Bottom Metal | Surgeon Rifles
    .300 Assy w/5 Round Mag, Wyatt's Outdoor

    It seems that the overwhelming majority of them are made for the Remington 700 rifles. CDI may be your best bet.

    I agree with you 100% about the "T" word. I can remember back in the 70's and 80's the buzz word was "combat". People use the "T" word not even knowing what it means.

    Anyway, I wish you luck.
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    If you want to build a 1000 yard rifle. You'll need to have the action trued which includes Lap Locking Lugs, True Receiver, true bolt face etc. Then select a barrel.

    Long range shooting is fun and requires discipline.
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    There are always some good articles at Long Range Hunting - you could check out their forums and see what they say (then report back here, of course! :^)

    It sounds like an interesting project, so let us know how it works out.
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    that is a beautiful setup at CDI's website. having a model 70 instead of model 700 like the market wants you to is definitely going to prove to be difficult but i love these rifles. my dad left me a model 70 .308. it has a crack in the stock, and i would like to take the new super grade stock off of my .300 win mag and put it on the .308 since i am going to be replacing the super grade stock with a mcmillan anyhow, it this possible?
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    As one is a short action (308) and the other a long action (300w) the length of the receivers are different. So the answer is no.
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    As it takes a lot of trigger time to shoot 1000 worth a hoot; be sure you live close enough to a 1000 yard range.
    There is a lot involved to get good at shooting long distance and it requires a lot of practice to stay good. Same as fresh bread; the skills go stale quickly.

    There are a lot of online resources.. :D love it!!!! :D -- Best Guide to Precision Shooting and Precision Rifle Accuracy
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    thats what i was afraid of
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    yeah, being in the military and living next to Quantico i hope to be able to get on their 1000 yard range as much as possible
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    Range #4 :D :D
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    Shooting at 1k isn't that difficult with the right equipment. This past summer, I shot to 1,025 yards and it was a lot of fun. I shot at that distance with my 308 and my 338 Lapua Mag. Your 300 WM will have no issues reaching past 1k.

    I have a CDI mag system on one of my Savages...great price this week since CDI has a GB for the first week of 2012.
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