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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by dragonfly, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. dragonfly

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    I was curious, since many of US would like to be able to communicate, if and when TSHTF, what radio and frequencies would you prefer?
    I have seen a LOT of people that have all types of radios and that is NOT going to work so well. I make reference to: 2 meter, 6 meter,and 10 meter, and on and on... I have 10 meter and I'll tell you why that is....I can use the same antenna's for my 10 meter radios, as I use with the CB's, as they are 11 meter range. Some may require the use of an "antenna match" unit, but I have not had that problem yet! If everyone is on a different frequency, how in the heck are we going to communicate?
    Just asking!
  2. Tikka

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    Without a tuner CB channels 1-40 (26.965-27.405) and 10 meter Ham (28.000- ~30.000) is fantastic; what kind of antenna is it?
  3. dragonfly

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    I have some new old stock Rad shak: "CLR-2's", and one "Supermaxum"... ( 5/8 wave) On vehicles, I have the older ( tougher ones) the 102 inch s/s whips....
  4. Tikka

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    That is good coverage.

    Here the omnidirectional antennas are a Carolina Windom 10-80. an end-fed half wave or EFHWA on 160 and a 30 year old Butternut HF6V.
  5. BTPost

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    I run a simple Dipole curt for 3930 Khz strung up at 50 ft. Using a Very Good Antenna Tuner (Dentron MT3000A) I can get good Band coverage from 160 Meters up thru 10 Meters with this one Antenna. It works well for my installation. If for some reason that isn't good enough, I can use the Coast Station Antenna System, pictured below, if needed.
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  6. dragonfly

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    BT: Now that's an antenna! How would one disguise or camo something of that size? Or can it even be done at all? Mine are only just under 20 feet tall without mast, and I figured I'd hide them in a juniper tree...the mast would disappear but not those radials! I saw one one day just out driving and it reflected like a mirror! It may not really be much of a concern, unless you are trying to stay well under the radar so to speak!
  7. BTPost

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    You can't hide HF antennas very easily, simply because foliage or vegetation can cause detuning of said Antenna, and loss of signal due to adsorption from Near Field materials. No, If you want them to talk well they should be in the clear, and keep other objects out of the Near Field, especially WET Objects. what many do, is paint them up to look like a funny looking tree, and that is about the best that can be done.
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  8. DKR

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    A commo plan - of course

    You plan in advance. I'm not going to talk with anyone locally in a true PAW - other than those in my group. Oddly, I have a couple of rigs that will TX/RX 2 - 30 mhz - and a FT-817 which covers everything up to 440 Mhz. Add in a 2M amp and a an older Yaesu HF amp and that's all covered. Throw in a couple of wide-band RX for monitoring & you should have all the bases covered.

    So, a commo plan lays out what freq and times you will listen and be ready to respond.

    As for mere disasters, the ARRL and FCC have more of a say in what bands will be open for use.

    Alaska has more hams per captia (PC) than other states - and we also have the highest PC rate for Vets as well.

    We have found that a few splotches of gray cammo (flat) paint in the HF verticals makes them hard to see, even if you know where to look...

    Happy Thanksgiving...
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  9. Tikka

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  10. BTPost

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    I saw a really nice Camo Antenna that worked rather well, in a neighborhood that had "NO Antenna HOA Covenants....

    The fellow put up a 40 ft Aluminum Flag Pole. He had a 2 Sq Yd Concrete Base, with a 2ft Cubed Aluminum Box, as the base for the Flag Pole, bolted to the Concrete Base. He ran the Power and RF Coax underground in a PVC Conduit, from his house. He mounted a 3 foot Piece of Sched 80 PVC Pipe, that the Aluminum Pole just slid over and a 2" PVC Spacer that the Pole sat on at the Top of the Aluminum Cubed Base. He ran the Antenna Wire from the Unbalanced Feed of his AutoTuner, that was mounted in the Aluminum Base, up inside the PVC Pipe and bolted it to the aluminum Pole on the inside. the Top Pulley, Flag Cords, and Cleat were all just part Aluminum Pole, so they didn't cause any grounding issues. He had external Lighting on the US Flag, so it could be display 24/7/365. The HOA Lady tried forever to get him to take down the Flag Pole but the neighbors all liked it, so they backed him up in Civil Court. Nothing was ever said about it ALSO being a Ham Antenna. We was a WWII Vet, and that is all the Judge needed top hear. Last I heard he was still on the air, using that vertical, with RF Ground Radials, 6" under the sod lawn.
  11. dragonfly

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    Great stuff! Thanks guys! Anything helps....!
  12. STANGF150

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    Bruce I liked that. It brought a chuckle from me & put a smile on my face. Cuz see I have a lil problem. Its called "If you Don't Like Our Flag, then GTFO of My Country". So I'm glad whenever I hear of sumone Fighting for their right to display the American Flag and winning.

    I put up an American Flag & pole kit on September 5th. Not for Labor day though it was up then, I put it up for September 11th and told my mother so. My brother came up from GA & saw it & said it was supporting Obama. My mother took one look at my face & realized my brother was a hair away from an asswhooping, so hurriedly explained to my Brother an American Flag was NOT Obama's Flag. My brother turned & saw my face, the death in my eyes, started apologizing in a hurry.

    The flag pole was wooden but apparently poor quality as it starting showing mildewlike stains & marks. So it was carefully sanded & got 3 coats of clearcoat & put back up. Flag kept twisting up wrapping around on the pole, so I talked my Mother into running it thru her sewing machine as the sleeve in flag for the pole was 2x the needed size. Flag & Pole was both Made In America, the Chinese kits was cheaper, but they offended the hell outta me.

    Maybe in the spring when I redo the roof on the building/garage where my workshop is, I'll consider how to mount a CB antenna on it, or if I get smarter by then, a Better type of Radio antenna.
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  13. DKR

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    radio in a bag

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  14. DKR

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    PSK31 in the field, next to glacier

    Radio fun in a bag

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  15. dragonfly

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    Holy Mackerel! The last "portable" radio I had was ( ready for this sports fans?) a Radio Shack "Mini-23" with a rubber ducky antenna and one huge box that held a LOT of D cell batteries, slung over my shoulder! ( See? I told ya I was OLD!) But it worked, better than the walkie talkies back then...
    I have 2 small similar types today, that IF you had a viable power supply, they'd work even better! I Just have to find some really decent, small antennas for them...too!
    Most of my comm stuff is 70's models, and still working fine...But really large and heavy.
  16. Tikka

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    Kudos! That looks to be serious fun. Supplying the county hunters? ;)
  17. DKR

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    Worked all glaciers

    Alaska has no counties, only Boroughs. I do a "Worked all Glaciers' thing when folks bother to QSL - in the summer I try to hit at least two or more glaciers as a location. Lots of fun!
  18. BTPost

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    DKR... Next time you get down to the Mendenhall, let "Me" know, and i'll fly into town for a Facemeet....
  19. Tikka

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    Grid Squares? ;)

    Thanks for the information about Alaska's boroughs..
  20. GrandpaDave

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    I havent been in the Ham stuff for a long time... but I still have a CB's in both my trucks... Lets see one is an old Cobra 148 the newer one is a Galaxy DX I bought off a trucker desperate for cash... I paid $50 for it... at home we have a nice Galaxy Saturn Base... all have been tweaked and tuned by this guy I know who does that for a living...

    as for range... depends on conditions... once sitting in the parking lot waiting for my wife to get out of the doctors I managed to talk to a guy in Brisbane Australia...SSB of course... normally the 11 miles between work and home is more than adequate and on road trips the truckers are good about warning where the trouble spots are
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