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    Cheaper Than Dirt just sent me a sale flyer on a preloaded med kit I'm a firm believer in the "build-it-yourself" med bag, but as a starter, this looks like a pretty good deal to me. I would still add a few things to "tweak" it, but as a basic kit, you can spend a whole lot more and get a whole lot less.

    Woodland Roll-up First Aid Kit with Quick Clot Multiple Pockets Filled with a Variety of Supplies
    Item #: MHR-328
    Our Low Price: $54.97
    Value: $82.46
    Your Savings: $27.49 (33.34%)

    Kit contains Quick Clot and over 80 products stored in a Woodland camo multi pouch bag that rolls up with snap buckles and two carrying handles. Designed to meet the needs of most injuries acquired in the field, simply unroll to expose 15 transparent pockets allowing you immediate access to the gear you need. Includes surgical gloves, multiple bandages, emergency blanket, Quick Clot wound treatment, medicines, and other equipment to handle injuries.
    This kit may contain:
    Quick Clot traumatic wound dressing
    Assorted sheer strip bandages with non-stick pads (Band-aids JP)
    Two Petrolatum Gauzes
    Sterile surgical gloves
    Compressed Gauze
    Sterile medical tape
    Emergency blanket
    Plaster bandage (I'm not sure what size, but would probably make a good splint JP)
    Lap sponge about 18x18"
    Antiseptic towelettes
    Insect bite (maybe they include a mosquito? JP)
    Iodine (good to purify water JP)
    Sanitizer towelettes
    Trauma wound dressing
    Medical scissors
    Electrolyte beverage mix
    Burn gel
    1/8 oz packets Triple antibiotic ointment
    First aid cream
    Acetaminophen and aspirins
    Wrap with clothes pins (I'm sure they mean "safety pins" JP)
    Two eye pads
    Various wound dressings
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