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    i sell guns part time at a big retailer. . with that being said i have noticed a very large increase in the number of people who are "prepping", and buying guns and ammo. my store has had a record number of gun sales for this time of year and ammo is flying off the shelves.

    gun sales go up in election years, and ammo goes with it. however, i have noticed an increase in prep items too. camping gear, mountain house, first aid kits, camo clothes, fishing and hunting equip., etc.

    now, people are never shy about talking at the gun counter. the open up to you about every thing(kinda like a bartender), and i have had alot of people talking about the current state of our country and the "preps" they are taking.

    i guess what i'm getting at is that there seems to be an abundance of people that think bad times are a coming.
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    The gun show that was nearby this past weekend was a zoo. I've never seen one so packed...

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    It's like that every where I had a buddy a few weeks ago put some in the trading times. Just ones he didn't use anymore I think it was 4 or 5 and he got 45 calls the first day and had them sold by 3pm.
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    Every show I've been to has been parked full.
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    The sheeple are waking up.... and what is left of the Middle Class, is smart enough to see, that this Hope and Change BS, was a giant Con-Job. They recognize that it is, like a giant Ponzi Scheme, and Totally UnSustainable. They don't want to LOSE, what they already have. so they are finding places like the Monkey, and beginning to get geared up, for their own survival. I am not surprised, at all.... I have seen this coming for decades, and the really smart ones, have been here, for those same decades. ... YMMV....
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    All you have do is walk into a store of any kind and say ,Things aren't doing so well.
    Then step back and watch the conversation turn to the way things are going with the government and how this country is going down hill.
    People are fed up with the way they are being told how to live their lives. Just try it sometime and you'll see just how PO'd they really are !!
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    Ok...People/sheeple waking up is cool...Ever wonder about a 6th.sense kicking in for these sheep/pep's...
    Or is a 6th sense total Bull...
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    I hope they invest some time practicing. A firearm is a tool which requires practice.
  9. gunbartender

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    the instructors we refer people to have told us they are booked solid. they even added me to a full class last weekend.
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    Gun shows are a good way to fleece the sheeple! Deals could be had years ago (at least in my stomping grounds) but not anymore.

    An individual would be better off scanning the newspaper, gun boards, or even local gunshop/range and sportsmans' clubs.

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    Not BS that 6th sense is a rectal cranial inversion, they must be coming up for air. :D
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    Living in the Land of Superstition's...Sometimes i think i'm surrounded by witch's...or at least the ex is
  13. TheEconomist

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    Im only a BSBA in Economics and I am with these people. Going for the MBA Econ in the fall, would love to read some position papers by your friends if you can get your hands on any! PM me and let me know.

  14. oldawg

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    I still go to the local shows for OPSEC reasons. What's available sure, but WHO's buying what. There are some types that it's just a good idea to know what they might have.
  15. TheEconomist

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    I guess if you like in a small enough community to do that then this would work. But, in a larger area I think you just have to assume that there will be those than are planning on being marauders/road warriors and their whole idea is to take from other.

    I suppose if it is your plan to be one of the M/RW then doing a little OPSEC on who you can take from is a good idea. However, my conscience will not allow for it.
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    6th sense, or "intuition," has been defined as intelligence + education + experience, extrapolated to a new situation.

    Laissez-faire types are starting to look past their noses at the clouds on the horizon.

    Just saw where the Greek national debt, PER CAPITA, is LESS than America's. Save your Confederate money, boys ! It's worth a Federal Reserve Note, now.
  17. TheEconomist

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    Per Capita debt can only be looked at as important when you compare it to Per Capita Income, GNP, GDP, or something like it. All that matters is the context of the information.

    For example:

    Greece's Per Capita income is $27,624

    USA's Per Capita Income is $48,147

    So as per precentage of Per Capita Income to Debt ratio we have (this means the amount (%) of debt per the average income):

    Greece: 140.9% USA: 91.8%

    When you look at it like that you can see that the USA is in MUCH better shape than Greece. Which all of us should already know. HERE is a slightly dated article to help compare the situations.

    Hope this helps!

    Source of debt info.
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    We still utilize gun shows. The biggest reason is because there may be 6-8 of us that will buy rifles at the same time. We all do our paperwork and get the checks done and all that jazz but the local shops dont have 5 AR's and 3 M1A's on the shelf, they would have to order that many and wait for them to come in. Then you have to pray you get a good one. With a gun show we can all go and hold, touch, and feel the weapon before purchasing so we know we are making good purchases.
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    Gun shows have always been a horse traders game, if you dont bargain to a realistic price its on you. When your traden 2 5000 dollar kittens for the 10000 dollar puppy all is right with the world cause the numbers dont mean a thing.

    Gun shows still have deals if you know what you are buying. Retail is the fair market price if you know that you know what you need to beat. The nice part is much in the show does not require paper or the retail price comes with extras. Just dont be afraid to walk away if its not a fair deal.
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    Gunshows down here are buy/sale/trade...Which is what i do...Bring something to sell or trade...That IS where the deals are at...
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