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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beano, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Hey all....this may or may not suit you, as I know that facebook is basically where OPSEC goes to die, but if you want to check it out, I did and it has the potential to be useful, depending on what your objectives are.

    Patriot Team is a series of closed groups on facebook that just went live this morning. The link here is for the breadbasket states; they are grouped by regions.!/groups/PatriotTeam6/
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    A "closed group" on FaceBook is a farce.

    Cops have access to everything on there . . . they don't need to be friends with you to view everything you have. FB is good for info gathering--one way communication. You should never converse on it unless you're willing to show the whole world.

    Example here: she's not friends with any cops and had maximum security on her FB page, yet cops had access to everything . . . how did that happen? (rhetorical)
    'I Love Mass Destruction': Meet the Glamorous Gun-Toting College Student Arrested On Explosives, Firearms and Drugs Charges | Guns | Fox Nation
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    Well, that's true....I meant closed as in one has to request access. Facebook is the leakiest sieve on le interwebz.
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    I don't join groups like that on FB. I look at the public ones, glean useful links and info, but I never join them. You might as well send your complete resume to Washington.
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    I am glad to see folks on these sites are trying to educate others, there are certainly plenty that need it.

    Thus far, most information I have sought after could be found here and if not somebody here knew where to find it. I can not speak highly enough about this site, the members and the wealth of information on the walls here.

    I have always been of the Preparedness mindset, just not on the level this site affords. I think most people do not realize how much they already know about being prepared and just might not realize it, as I did.
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