Prepare for Violent Revolution in America

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Dec 5, 2010.

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    Smart little robot..
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    that would have kicked ass if it was a Guy Fawkes robot ;)
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    Good message. I noticed years ago (watching the Simpsons!) that you can get away with more when an animated character does the talking. Xtranormal is a pretty cool service little service.
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    We aren't nearly to the stage of 'revolution' yet. A LOT more Americans need to be suffering and hurting before that happens. Too many still have nice houses, two cars, have a big screen TV to watch "Dancing" and "Idol", have beer in the fridge and food on the table, their kids are in school. People are still 'satisfied' if not happy. No reason to upset the applecart.

    Give us a few more years - rampant inflation, much more unemployment, NO Welfare giveaways, soup kitchens in all towns and cities ..... THEN maybe. [dunno]
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    Revolution will happen when it's too late to do anything about "it". It has always worked this way throughout history, and by definition..
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    Truly this is something i have thought about quite often. Not that I want it to happen but i have thought about it happening. I do agree with sea-wolf to many people are complasent and satisfied with their lives to want to do anything about whats happening with the country. They feel if it doesnt effect them so what if someone else, so what. when it comes down to politics, nobody takes it all that seriously.
    That is why there is so much apathy in this country and has been for a very long time. This is why we scofed at McCarthy and made him look like a fool when it was the fbi that was feeding him the information. Communism crept into our gov't. The FDR administration was filled with commie sympathyzers, and nazi lovers. then communism crept into colleges in the 50's with professor's expounding on the communist manifesto and other writings by Marx and Engals. then the uprisings of the hippies in the 60's up to today where we have a socialist president 9BoBo the dog-faced boy as seawolf puts it. he has as his advisors guys like bill Ayers whom was a leader in the weather underground whom is a outright fasciast.

    We are on our way to national socialism, and you don't have to listen to Glenn Beck to understand that. All you have to do is look at whats happening now with what happened in germany just before and during the early years of Hitler.
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    Thomas Jefferson warned us of this. Jefferson specifically believed "Those who labor in the earth... are the chosen people of God, if ever he had a chosen people." The belief he held was that unlimited expansion of commerce and industry would lead to the growth of a class of wage laborers that relied on others for income and sustenance, as happened during the Industrial Revolution and Gilded Age. Such a situation, he feared, would leave the American people vulnerable to political subjugation and economic manipulation.

    Whoa, wait a minute here...hmm, lets see...America shifted from an agrarian society, that is a society that had farming as a major source of revenue. For the United States this would have been, lets see, around the 1930's. Franklin D. Roosevelt was President (Screaming Socialist). Under Roosevelt, the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) (Pub. L. 73-10, enacted May 12, 1933) passed, which restricted agricultural production in the "New Deal" era by paying farmers to reduce crop area. Its purported purpose was to reduce crop surplus so as to effectively raise the value of crops, thereby giving farmers relative stability again. The farmers were paid subsidies by the federal government for letting a portion of their fields lay fallow (in order to drive food prices UP, bad idea in a depression, but what do I know?). The Act created a new agency, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, to oversee the distribution of the subsidies. It is considered the first modern US "Farm Bill".

    In 1941 we (America) began participating in the largest War the world had ever seen. Roosevelt led the United States as it became the "Arsenal of Democracy". Roosevelt, working closely with his aide Harry Hopkins, made the United States the principal arms supplier and financier of the Allies (hmmm big banks and big industry). The United States had a vast expansion of industry, the achievement of full employment, and new opportunities opened for black Americans and women. This caused the middle class to explode, we had a baby boom and voila, the stage is set for the Obamanation.

    Actually, I am not against our industrialized nation. I am, after all, a Jeffersonian, not a Ludite. We do, however, need to refocus our national interest back to the farm, build our national wealth again as farmers. We could feasibly recoup some of our national debt by supplying the exploding world populations with foodstuffs like wheat, rice, soybeans, feed corn, etc. The US populace needs to focus back on the skills that just a few generations ago were essential for survival - wait. That smacks of effort and honest work. The average American wants nothing to do with that...

    Americans in general have stepped too far from the farm. We did not heed the warnings of our forefathers, and now it is time to pay the piper. Just my .02.

    Wait, under the current hyper-inflationary times, better make that $2000.00. The paper it is printed on may be worth $0.02, if only for the rag content.
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    I totally afree Falcon I wont argue that one at all.
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    My mother(she's disabled and I live with her to take care of her) has been saying for years that we're headed for another Civil War, that's why she wanted a place out here far from urban areas that can become self-sufficient. That's why I'm trying to turn this place into a profitable farm and boning up on practical knowledge of food preservation, herbalism, safe wild foodstuffs, etc.
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